Wow! Apparently It's 4 Things That Happen If "Turtle" Mobile Legends is in Dota 2!

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You wonder why there is only one NPC boss in Dota 2, that is Roshan? Why not like other games that have a semi-boss like Turtle Mobile Legends or Abyssal Dragon? What happened yes about?

Dota 2 is one of the most popular MOBA game in the world! Even the popularity of it managed to make Dota 2 many times break t
he record with the biggest prize tournaments!
Armed with a game mechanism that is actually easy to learn, but deep enough to master, playing Dota 2 is not enough just a minute! Most exciting is playing Dota 2 at least 3 games a day along with your friends.

For those of you who play Dota 2 must know various kinds of NPC or non playable characters such as neutral creep, ancient, until Roshan which can be said as a boss in Dota 2.

However, why is not there a semi-boss like Turtle Mobile Legends or Abyssal Dragon in AoV? In fact, the League of Legends alone has a Dragon as a semi-bossgame that gives buff to all members of the team.

How does it feel if Dota 2 has Turtle Mobile Legends that can give gold and XP to all team members if killed yes? Approximately this is what will happen!

** What is the Name? Baby Roshan? Teen Roshan? **

First of course IceFrog must think first of the appropriate designation for the semi-boss. Because Valve can not use the Turtle designation, so they avoid the unwanted case!

That way, the choice of name may fall to Dota 2's lore, or the name of the darling of the creator Dota 2, like Roshan whose name is taken from a Guinsoo bowling ball.

If Baby Roshan is a courier, it is not impossible if his name is Teen Roshan, or even Elder Roshan.

In fact, Roshan might later act as a semi-boss, and Elder Roshan replaces Roshan by awarding Aegis of Immortal to the one who can kill him.

** Game Will Become Faster! **

One of the things that make mobile MOBA games loved is because the duration of play is relatively short and makes people do not have to commit long time to finish a game.

The reason is the game mechanism that makes the game run fast, such as the presence of Turtle Mobile Legends or Abyssal Dragon AoV.

It certainly will also happen similar in Dota 2. With the Turtle NPC that gives gold and XP to the entire team, the game will also run very quickly!

Because when the "Turtle" has been killed, the team instantly increases XP and its gold, and once they get the advantage, will immediately take advantage of the momentum by taking the tower or doing gang armed with their new items.

** Jungle Become a Meta Back **

Automatically, the presence of Turtle Mobile Legends which if embedded in Dota 2 will make meta jungler present again. Why? Because of course a team must harvest XP and gold as much as possible to be able to take the mini-boss quickly.

Moreover the jungle hero usually also has the ability to kill a NPC unit quickly. If so, then the game will be a bit slow in early games, but peak in mid game!

** Vision Becomes Super Important **

When you play Dota 2 and always underestimate the vision, I am sure it will no longer be yours if there is a mini-boss in Dota 2! The reason, you certainly do not want to "missed" when the enemy team managed to take it, right?

Because the mini-boss effects are so crucial, therefore vision becomes very important! Certainly, the mini-boss area that may be in the vicinity of the river will continue to be maintained with the Observer Ward of both teams, and automatically there will also be a war of centraw wards.

Hmm, even more exciting is not it?
So what do you think ?, share your comments in the comments field.



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