Why is playing games already fun? These are 5 reasons!

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Still someone likes to play old school games? Sometimes I meet a number of youtubers who show themselves playing old school games. Yes, there is a possibility that playing old school games is still fun.

There are various reasons why playing old school games, it's still fun. Usually these reasons are the reason for gamers playing old school games.

Well, what are the common reasons for people still playing old school games? Let's just look at it!

Usually cheap

His name is also an old game, automatically the price will be cheaper because people have already played it.

Now this cheap reason makes people enjoy playing old school games. It could be that he hasn't played the game because the price is quite expensive at the beginning.

Old hardware can be hacked

Do not run away from the fact, that old school console machines and old school games can be hijacked and played pirated. One of the things that is the main reason for people playing old school games.

Apart from this, the old hardware can be hacked also because of hobbies that like tinkering with console machines.

Sometimes there are also those who install PC operating systems like Linux, so that the console machine should only play games, have more practical functions, become a PC.

Retro Game

Retro games do have their own uniqueness, including their unique fans.

Retro games are far from the impression of having a graphical appearance that is close to real. Interestingly, retro games actually save their own fun to play.

Some say that retro games are more challenging. This is quite reasonable, considering that in the old days, game developers did the trick to make the game now called retro has a high level of difficulty.

Collection Hobbies

Like collectors of antiques. Various old school games can also become antiques, especially those games are not reproduced, and are very popular in the 80-90s.

Some gamers really like the collection of various old school games. Especially games that are still in physical form.

Sometimes these old school games, can also have expensive prices, as long as they are at their best. As it is still sealed, or at least has perfect completeness.

Avoid Loss at the Beginning

This point is related to the first point. Early adopters (buyers who like being the first tryers) are really happy with new things. Unfortunately, these people have very large weaknesses.

New consoles or games, sometimes have risks, where the platform game is only a few. This happened once at the beginning of the launch of Xbox One and PS4 last year.

Those are some reasons in my opinion why playing old school games is still fun. How do you think there is anything to add, so from me, hopefully it will be a good reference for you.




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