True Couple Claude! 5 Heroes That Can Become Deadly Combos with Claude

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We have already discussed about builds and counters for Claude Mobile Legends heroes, so it doesn't matter if we don't discuss who is the best partner Claude can have? Well here is our observation about the hero combo Claude Mobile Legends!

As usual the total will be five heroes (yes as mentioned by the title) that will be predicted to be combos or death duets for this spiky thief. Five of Claude's combo heroes on average contain heroes with tank types, because basically Claude's own damage is already large.

As we know that Claude is a marksman hero type that has burst damage by relying on ASPD. But like all marksman, the main problem is that Claude has the defense and super slim HP.

Therefore we will try to pair claude with tank type hero.


The first hero that is suitable to be a pair or hero combo Claude MobileLegends is Johnson's tank hero, why is Johnson? Besides this hero can be a shield running from Claude, Johnson also has the ability to be able to complete the shortcomings of Claude

The ultimate of Claude who needs a set up so that the damage output can be maximum. Another weakness of Claude is the absence of crowd control skills that can make him freely issue the ultimate skill.

Therefore with a combo with Johnson, all the weaknesses from Claude seemed to be closed. Claude can enter Johnson when he uses ulti.

Claude will get a boost in the form of Movement speed, set up and shield so Claude can remove the ultimate to finish off the opponent very easily.


This second hero you certainly didn't think because basically this one hero was not famous among the pro players even the casual players from MobileLegends though. But this one hero can be very deadly if you are a combatant with Claude.

This is not without reason, because this hero has initiation skills as well as two disabled skills that can make the opponent do not move. Using his Sacred hammer skill then proceeding with the opponent's Implosion would be silent.

That way Claude can freely use his Blazing duet skill towards the opponent who has been stunned by Tigreal.


The third hero that you can make a combo hero or Claude is a hero tank that is always a subscription banned for the tier epic and above, who else if not Grock. You can make Grock a deadly combo with Claude.

Grock does not have a boost movement speed like Johnson's ultimate, but by relying on the block or wall skill from Grock, you can maximize the damage from Claude's blazing duet.

It's a little difficult indeed to set up with this one combo, but if Grock manages to set up a block that at least blocks two or three opponent heroes then Claude can enter using the two skills and issue his ultimate.

It will be even bigger if Grock uses the ultimate skill and then continues with his power nature skill.


The fourth hero who could be the soul combo aka Claude was Ruby, the little red hooded girl who used this giant sickle weapon could be an initiator for Claude.

By using skill one to advance the opponent's lunge then proceed with the two skills of Ruby that are able to attract opponents, if indeed there are opponents who are not affected by the effects of these two skills such as the example of Markman Hero and Mage Hero who is always behind.

Ruby can continue the combo by using her ultimate skill, if all the opponents have been collected then Blazing Duet from Claude can easily be expelled without having to think again.


Why do you say that Hero tanks deserve to be a pair or hero of the Claude Mobile Legends combo? Then why is Angela? Angela is actually a support hero who is very flexible and can be paired with anyone.

We've tried pairing Angela with Claude and the results are amazing Toxic. Marksman's hero problem that has thin armor or cellphone is overcome by the fact that Angela uses her ultimate skill.

That way Claude will be able to do a solo set up without having to wait for a tank to initiate.

It is a little risky this way, but with a burst of damage that is considered very large due to the combination of these two heroes, Claude will be very difficult to be paralyzed and instead the opponent who tried to push in approached the dead first.




good combo hero, I will try it

Of course

I think the deadliest combo with Jonson, the Ulti Jonson skill combined with this hero skill is really bad

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