Macro and Micro? What's the Difference in Dota 2's Game?

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** In a discussion or forum Dota 2, you certainly do not often encounter macro or micro term Dota 2. You are confused what is the meaning of the two terms? **

Actually, macro and micro terms are not only used in Dota 2 anyway. However, the term has been used a long time when the game genre RTS (real time strategy) popular!

Games like Starcraft, or even Warcraft, have used this term first. Then, then the term is also used in the game MOBA, then born micro and macro Dota 2.

Curious what does it mean? Let's just check the explanation, as well as differences in micro and macro Dota 2 below yes.

Mikro Dota 2: Organizing Units

Well, we start from the most often you hear dlu, that is micro. Usually this term is very close to pro Dota 2 players who are good at using heroes with many units, such as * Chen *, * Beastmaster *, * Visage *, * Meepo *, and * Enchantress *.
So, it can be said that the micro Dota 2 is the ability of a person to arrange several units at once.
The way to organize it can be various, whether it is formed as a group, or give different commands to each unit. Confused? I'll give you an example!
For example Chen hero. After he collects many neutral creeps, Chen players like Puppey will first group all the units he moves first.

Then if you want to use his creep ability, he just press the Tab key on the keyboard to switch units, without releasing the group. This is a sample micro group.
The second example is a Beastmaster player, who needs to set up his Hawk and Boar separately. This is an example of individual micro skills.

How, already understand it? Simply, Dota 2's micro skill is one's ability to manage multiple units at once. ** Abed ** and ** n0tail ** are excellent micro players, mirrored from their excellent Meepo!

Makro Dota 2: The Big Picture

Now we go into macro discussion, which seems very different understanding with micro!

If Dota 2's micro skill is more emphasis on how a player manages multiple units at a time, the macro is more about how the player manages his resources, in which case Dota 2 is xp, cooldown, gold, and his role.
As the name implies, macro, which means big, this skill does require someone to think in the big picture!

There are so many things to note, for example how much longer he needs to farm to get the item and reach the target level, the minute to how he should do the stack, while on the other side also have to do warding, and so on.

In terms of execution, macros may look easier, because this is all happening in your head! However, the macro skill is crucial to winning the game!
For example, you who use carry only care about the farm only without considering the gank or teamfight that can actually produce more gold.

Another more concrete example is playing as a support. Since he did not get a farm, he had to manage gold to buy ward and smoke, then use courier, install ward, do gank, and creep stack. Ribet right?

Simply, the Dota 2 macro skill is a player's ability to manage resources, including gold, cooldown, and XP, to play his role well.

** Well, already understand now what the difference and understanding of macro and micro Dota 2? Hopefully with this, you are no longer confused and can even continue to hone your macro and micro Dota 2 skills! **

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