Hard to Rich? These 7 Tips on Maximizing GPM in Dota 2 Patch 7.00, Guaranteed Powerful!

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Gold per Minute or commonly abbreviated GPM is a term that shows how much gold you can earn in Dota 2.

To get a large GPM rate of course not only obtained through farming creep, but you can also increase it through killing hero or using support items such as Hand of Midas.

Well, on this occasion I will share tips on maximizing GPM in Dota 2 for patch 7.00!

Take advantage of the last hit as well as possible

The perfect last hit is one of the most important tips on maximizing GPM in Dota 2. By doing last hit to creep or hero, then you will get additional gold which of course this will also increase the rate of GPM.

Keep moving

GPM certainly will not increase if your hero is just silent or move aimlessly and in a clear direction. You can learn the rotation of the professional Dota 2 players so that the gold you get more swift.

Roaming and gank

Tips to maximize GPM apart from farming creep is to roaming or ganking enemy heroes. By killing enemy heroes (either last hit or assist), you will get an additional bonus of gold.
It is also a process to make it easier for the team to win.

Do not save skill

The use of skill should be wise, but it can also be used to improve your GPM hero.

Especially if you use a hero that has the skill of damage area, then you will be easier to clean wave creep on the lane and start doing ganking or farming ancient creep.

Do not die

In addition to losing moments to increase GPM because they have to wait time respawn, you will also get a reduction of gold at death. Of course this will have an impact on the GPM rate you have.

Take the Bounty Rune

Every two minutes you can take a Bounty Rune to get additional bonus gold. In addition to increasing GPM heroes, you can also increase the net worth of the team as a whole. So make sure to check Bounty Rune yes!

Build Hand of Midas

This is an item in Dota 2 that lets you get an additional 200 gold bonus via creep. In addition to getting gold bonus, your hero will also get additional experience you know!

Some of the heroes that usually build this item are hero carry or midlaner.

Have any other tips to improve GPM in Dota 2? Do not hesitate to share to us via comment field yes!




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