Grimstroke's new hero? This is 5 Very Deadly Grimstroke Hero Combos

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We have already discussed the presence of the new hero with the characteristics of a demonic style. In the future, Grimstroke was a special surprise from Valve to complete the excitement of The International 2018 yesterday. We've found five Grimstroke Dota 2 combo heroes, are you curious?

A little review back, that Grimstroke is an intelligence hero who has an amazingly powerful nuke ability, despite having actual tag support he is also suitable for you to be a mid laner. With the existing skill set, you can be very deadly if combined with this Grimstroke combo hero!


The first five Grimstroke combo heroes, perhaps the most overpowered of all combos that you have with Doom, why Doom? Do you know that with Grimstroke's Ink Swell skills you won't be able to hit and damage when approaching your opponent?

If you combine Doom's Schorched Earth, with increased movement speed and high DPS, chasing opponents and initiating is no longer a difficult matter at the beginning of the game. Then if the two heroes have got level six, let ’s the party begin baby!

Use Soulbind towards the two opposing heroes in the lane, then welcome Doom's ultimate skill, Doom, so automatically the two poor heroes will be exposed to the same Doom effect and even though the soulbind effect is finished the effects of Doom love will continue!


After Doom, for the second Grimstroke combo hero, the hero who is also quite an imba for us to pair with this Japanese demon. Necrophos, this green grandfather, turns out to be very deadly if we are a combatant with Grimstroke.

Again, Ink Swell and Ghostshroud combos can be used for defensive games, especially if Necrophos is dying and being chased by an opponent. Using Ghostshroud then added with Ink Swell will make Necrophos escape easily.

In addition, if you combine Soul Bind with Reaper's Scythe, in the position of one of the opponents is dying and can die once with the ultimate hoe belonging to the grandfather, then the other opponent who is affected by Soul Bind will also receive the same death! The spawn will also be the same time.


For this number three Grimstroke combo hero, there really isn't anything too special, but if you like to kill your opponents quickly without the need to bother and think long, then Lina is the right answer to your will.

How not by using Soulbind plus Laguna Blade, you can cross out two opponents at once from the battle very easily. Lina who has a single damage burst, the biggest target among all the heroes is clearly able to finish off your opponent easily, plus Grimstroke? Two opponents disappear instantly!


Grimstroke's number four hero combo may be one of the most imbued support combo heroes, how come with the skill set possessed by Bane then combined and refined by Grimstroke's skill set, you can easily lock two straight heroes.

Using Soulbind, only Nightmare is added, two heroes will not be able to move for a long time. Especially if you use Soulbind then Bane uses his Fiends Grip? Wow ... the guarantee of the quality of the affected hero is sure to die.


Then the last Grimstroke combo hero is pairing this Japanese demon, still with another support hero, Lion. If we combine Grimstroke with Lina for maximum damage burst results, then with Bane for the most optimal disabler.

So combining it with Lion is the most balanced choice for all of you, for what? Because with choosing the Lion of Death Lion, you can do a big burst of damage even though it's not as big as Lina.

Then with Earth Spike added with Soul Bind you can stop two more heroes, even though it doesn't really need to be because this skill is a skill with the effect of the target ground aka area, but there is no harm just in case your aim skill is COEPOE!

Using Soulbind added Hex or Mana Drain will make you hit two targets at once, even though at level 25 Lion has a Hex area, but it doesn't hurt if used at the beginning of the game. Therefore, Lion's ability can be fairly balanced and a combination of Lina and Bane.