Follow My Advice! Use the 5 Strongest Hero Carry Patches 7.19 Dota 2 This then +25 is not a difficult thing

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Since meta 2-1-2 or meta Wiro Sableng again played and added patch 7.19 which made the game really come back the same as in 2014 ago. With the automatic game meta changes the hero played also changes, this is the five strongest carry hero 7.19.

Actually there is no definite dose of the strong word in Dota 2 itself, but if the hero's skills and talents are able to be used optimally and give good results, the hero deserves a strong word, do you want +25 mmr? Use the following five strongest carry heroes 7.19.

Maybe in this article you will find some heroes that are actually rarely seen in the tournament events in the 2016 to 2017 final period. The heroes that will be mentioned are classified into a hero that is quite easy to play.

Drow Ranger

Drow Ranger? Really? A hero who has rarely been used in the past few years is now getting a place in the hearts of the pro players, especially for the NA or North America region.

Actually, the Drow Ranger didn't get such a fancy buff in the last two patches, which is 7.16 what else 7.19 did he actually get the nerf in the form of a reduction in STR base points by 1 point, then what's special?

Drow's best buff if we remember actually on patch 7.12 is drow's passive increase of Precision Aura to 40 percent on level four, and the talent buff on patch version 7.10 that makes Drow a super toxic hero.

Then why can Drow enter the ranks of the strongest carry hero 7.19? This is also not separated from the meta game that changed as we said earlier. Meta Wiro Sableng or 2-1-2 which focuses on laning gameplay.

Drow gets a paltry buff in the form of adding 4 basic basic attack damage at the beginning of the game, with meta like this Drow can easily finish creep in lane and dominate the lane, moreover with the help of support that is ready to help.

Wraith King

The middle name of this hero is "can't die" and indeed this hero is very difficult to be killed if it has entered the late game, then the core item that he needs is already in hand, who else if not Wraith "can't die" King.

The only hero who has passive skills in the form of reincarnations can live again like a hero who holds Aegis of Immortal. Having passive skills in the form of Aegis of Immortal, this hero user does not hesitate to play aggressively beat each opponent.

Still as strong as any of these heroes must have weaknesses, the weakness of the Wraith King is where the pool is so small and INT growth is not so big.

When dealing with Outworld Devourer, Mirana, Anti Mage, Silencers or heroes that use Diffusal blades, usually Wraith King can be infested. But it was all overcome thanks to Valve who might want to see this hero return to action.

By adding a talent in the form of No Reincarnations Mana Cost, the Wraith King can become increasingly fierce if it reaches level 20. But besides that there is still more why he can become very strong on this patch.

Mortal Strike gets rework, which is able to summon a total of eight skeletons and become 16 if you take 2x Skeleton summon talent at level 20. Wraith King who used to be a bouncer hero now transforms into a tower destroyer.

What's more with the additional buffs given to his skeleton in the form of 50 percent magic resistance, making support or INT heroes who try to do defense will be even more difficult.


This isn't 2014 to 2015, we don't have a time machine to back out that year, but Specter is back to being one of the strongest carry heroes 7.19! The Specter triumph which had faded in the past two years has now returned.

You can play Specter again thanks to Wiro Sableng's meta shift. Specter was previously rarely played because of meta 3-1-1, this is not without reason because Specter entered into one of the spoiled carry lists which must be accompanied by support.

But with meta shifts and a number of buffs received, such as adding damage from his ultimate skill, Haunt, was 60 percent, which was originally 40 percent. Making Specter back to being a prima donna among the carry players.

Besides that, Spectral Dagger's first active skill which gets buff is also in the form of cooldown time reduction and rescale where usage, also makes this hero more popular again.

With this haunt hero can immediately beat the back line of the opponent's defense without mercy. If you are curious how much? Try to see the re-recording of the Pro Dota Cup semifinal match between TNC Tigers and XctN.

InYourDream uses specters and successfully destroys the defense of the Filipino team!


Although fuzzy wuzzy or commonly referred to as ursa this always gets buff since patch 7.10 doesn't actually make the bear's popularity (be it right?) Or this funny thing is back.

He is still rarely chosen for the same reasons as Specter namely, Ursa is a spoiled carry that must be accompanied by at least two items made up and strong enough to be alone in the lane. Then what is the reason he became one of the strongest carry heroes of 7.19?

Many still do not realize the potential possessed by Ursa, he is a very powerful hero from the beginning of the game to the end of the game. At the beginning of the game he could become very deadly with an additional 8 strength points obtained from talent.

Then at level 15 additional 16 points of agility that are also obtained from talent can make Ursa more unstoppable in the mid game phase. If your opponents are using Ursa, complete the game as soon as possible.

Do not stretch until entering the mid game phase or let Ursa reach level 25, because this is one of the advantages for Ursa. Ursa gets a lot of buffs for his talent tree.

The most dangerous is the left hand talent tree for level 25, because he gets an additional 80 percent resistance status. This means that Ursa will be more immune to various skills that have CC or Damage Over Time abilities.


When was the last time you saw Riki played in a professional competitive scenario? With notes not as support or roamer but as a one or carry position? It must have been a long time ... maybe almost never. Then why can he become the strongest carry hero 7.19?

Riki is still less popular compared to the Bounty Hunter a few years ago, Bounty Hunter which can be used as a utility hero because meta roaming support is one of the reasons.

But with the return of the meta Wiro Sableng, aka 2-1-2, the popularity of Bounty Meredup and Riki is now taking over again. Getting rework for all the skills you have also can't help Riki become an option.

But indeed the phrase that the patch and balancing from Valve to Dota 2 is a mystery. Yesterday Riki did not become a mainstay of the players, then tomorrow he became a choice and even became a bone of contention.

Maybe this is inseparable from the talent tree that he has at the initial level of +8 agility points. Enough to make him very hard at level 10, with a base armor of 7 points and agility growth of 2.2 at level 10 you already have 50 agility.

Then get additional items that you have and additional talents. This made Riki have physical armor that was quite large and able to do 1 v 1 with the hero in the lane.

** Yup, that's the strongest five hero carry 7.19, which is probably mostly a carry hero who gets his place in the patch this time, if there is an opinion in the comment column and don't forget to share this article, huh. **




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