Buff? Nerf? Rework? Bugs? What does the term Patch MOBA mean?

in #gaming7 years ago

When you hear those four terms what do you think? Perhaps you are at this moment confused about what these terms mean, and why they are often used in every patch game update!

Buff, nerf, bug, and rework are terms that often appear in any game and especially when there is a patch update. Responses are often emerging from gamers and become a debate whenever there is an update.

Perhaps you have heard a lot, "nice heroes in nerf?", "Ugly hero in buff", "hero dah nice to use in-rework", or "hero still bug when corrected?"

Any change in a game is certainly very carefully considered by the game developers. They certainly do not just reshuffle just about every update with consideration according to their own.

The game developers do buff, nerf, fix bugs, and rework in each update of course after getting consideration from the gamer community. They do not do the origin of updates just for their benefit.

Every update is good news! Here's what to keep in mind, because each update will give a new color into the game itself.

Although no exception at the beginning of the update will be born debate and protest the players, but if the update brings a positive change, then the next game will run well!

Buff, nerf, and rework performed during updates sometimes become a specter in a change. Specter that makes a character becomes stronger, weaker, or make the character becomes difficult to play.

In fact, every update of the game is intended to provide a balance of games, as well as to provide a new and more fun experience!

Let's see what the meaning and purpose of buff, nerf, bug, and rework mean!

Buff: Provides Status Increase

This term usually exists in the game when you get a status uplift effect in the game. This effect can you get from killing monsters, items, and buffs from friends.

Buff is often heard when patching a game's updates, even though it's more accurately called status change, but it's something that either boosts or makes it a better buff.

Remember, the character buff on an update will make the character more balanced!

Nerf: Decrease Status

Nerf means giving a negative status effect in a game. This status is obtained from monsters or enemy characters that issue a skill negative effect. Nerf can be a decrease in armor, attack speed, or moving speed.

The term nerf in a patch is also often used, the term sometimes becomes a terrible scourge! For example hero be a cupu or dregs, but nerf done because the character was too overpowered (OP) or too strong!

Balancing with nerf needs to be done to provide balance to the character. For example nerf against hero Outworld Devourer which is too OP some patch then!

Rework: Total Change?

Rework means reworking again or rework. Rework in the game is usually present on every patch, and rework is done for item, gear, or character.

Rework is done with the aim of providing a new atmosphere in a game. For example, changes in character animation, skill, or status changes. Game developers do rework with careful consideration not to change the originality of the character.

For example, Mercy recently received a rework on the Junkertown patch.

Bug, Error, or Error

Bug is an error or program error that occurs in the game. This bug is very common in computer programs including games. There is no perfect program in the world!

The developers have special attention to the bugs, they will immediately seek a solution. When looking for this game developer takes a relatively long time because a program that consists of thousands of lines of code and need to know the origin!

That's why the game community also plays a role to tell if a bug occurs, because it may not be known by the developer.

Indeed bugfixes take a long time, but after the bug is gone, you can play the game without worry!

Have you understood any buff, nerf, bug and rework terms in the game? Hope you get a new point of view and start enjoying the game!



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