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If you talk about who is a fighter in Mobile Legends, that's probably a lot, but if you talk about a fighter, it's all possible, maybe only a little or even a finger count. Chou is a versatile fighter, you can use it as a tank, support or as a roamer. This latest Chou build is a pro player!

Chou is one of the many fighter heroes who are now the meta game of every professional team competing in various tournament events, usually Chou is placed in the position of a tanker who roams to help the core kill, this latest Chou build can make your win rate increase dramatically !

Use the latest Chou build on this one if you really want to quickly go up to the Legend tier!

Wizard Boots

The main function of Cbou as we already know is as a tanker at the end of the game and as a roamer or support in the early minutes of the game, with his set of skills Chou is often played very aggressively and sometimes his movements are very risky.

Not infrequently Chou has to dive up to the opponent's tower or turret just to be able to disable or stun opponents so that our assassins or mages can get a kill. Therefore the first gear for the latest Chou build is Wizard Boots.

Besides giving the movement speed effect so Chou is more agile, this gear provides an additional 300 HP which is quite helpful at the beginning of the game. Besides that it is interesting because the function of Chou is support, if you succeed in providing assist kill you will get an additional 90 gold!

Athena Shield

The second gear for the latest Chou build is a very crucial gear, because it is not only useful at the beginning of the game but until the end of the game. Athena Shield is like an additional life for Chou that we are intended to play aggressively.

Making Athena Shield from the beginning of the minute can allow you to more than just dive into the opponent's tower, but also withstand attacks from backing up your opponent.

This gear has an extraordinary effect of 900 HP, 56 magic resistance and 20 HP regen and most importantly it provides a shield that can absorb or absorb incoming damage up to 1150 damage.

Demon's Advent

As we have discussed at the beginning of the article that the goal of the latest AlterEgo.Murphy Chou build is indeed as a tanker and also support to at least kidnap a hero from the opposing team, therefore the third gear still struggles with defensive or defensive items.

After we get enough shields and boosting HP at the beginning of the match with Athena Shield and Wizard Boots, the third gear is the gear that focuses on adding physical armor to reduce the damage that comes from both the basic attack and also the skill issued by the opponent.

Demon ‟s Advent is the answer to all of this, giving HiP boosting, armor and regen HP large enough for mid games to make your Chou more tanky and less able to advance through your opponent's turret.

Besides that another interesting effect is Deter which reduces the attack power of the opponent who attacks us as much as 6 percent!


How smart a jumping squirrel must have fallen too, that's a proverb that is suitable not only for Chou but almost all the hero tanks. Want to be as thick and hard as your hero must have been when the damage from the mage and the opponent's assassin could penetrate the defense.

The fourth gear that fits from the latest Chou build is felt to be able to cover those weaknesses. Immortality you must choose if indeed the assassin or mage of the opposing team has been overpowered in damage.

But actually this gear is optional, you can replace it with Oracle or Helmet of Sky Guardian which is able to provide a better regeneration effect, when you are beaten by an opponent or when you are low on HP and not fighting.

Courage Bulwark

A good tank is a flexible tank, besides being able to be a vanguard to guard our heroes carry, tanks are also required to be able to become hero utility and not just be walking.

Can be an initiator, be disabler and be supportive so that our hero carry can move freely without fear. The fourth gear for the latest Chou build can make that happen.

You can build Courage Bulwark to make it easier for you to do Lord contests, total war or push to the high ground or inner turret from your opponent base. With the active effect of this gear the damage and defense of the teammates will be increased by 10 percent.

Dominance Ice

Facing an assassin hero with a high critical rate really sucks, it's hard why don't we make it all hard? We make blades or swords from the assassin heroes become blunt when we hit Chou ours.

The last gear for our latest Chou build is Ice Dominance which gives a tremendous tanky effect to complete and perfect the five gears we have mentioned first.

This gear gives an effect of 70 armor and critical reductions as much as 5 percent, besides that this gear can make Chou more active because the cooldown reductions effect given is 15 percent, making Chou's Way of Dragon faster you can use!

well, that was the latest Chou mobile legends ala AlterEgo.Murphy, the top 1 global Chou from the AlterEgo Mobile Legends team! If there is an opinion in the comment column and don't forget to share this article and tag your friends who are Chou or tank users!




Good build friend

Fighter, support, tank, i like this hero

Good riview guys

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