Tyrnannoght : the rise of crypton ? - tales from janes underground on the subject of Kaos (the father of Kronos) ... or not

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the less info the better ? if i look at all major studios its really what they do



more like eureka-despite-brainfog
i notice mozilla is trying to explain how i should get rid and normalize me but normalized i am but one slice of dead flesh cut off from janes underground and thats how it all got broken in the first place ... how to fix it is : get 100 million , get a harem , move to mongolia with my money and my cats, get started, not necessarily in that order but get started definitely cant happen until all objectives have been checked and proven. Wether you believe that or not does not change the facts and ... one of your judges once said (in much less understandable words) : "being an idiot does not excuse you" ... "ignorance or even good intentions dont absolve you from the law and this is mine"
text :

if steem rises a little more i might actually feel compelled to write stuff again lol , but for now, we'll see, i sense impending profit taking looming somewhere (i mean if it never goes down theres no trading it so at some point it will have to, BTC went to 2500 last time before it went back up - SADLY yours truly cant even afford a single btc at those prices anymore - i had to wait several years for xcom 2 to drop to 4 euros in order to buy one of my favourites, thats how sad and bad it is : the solution is not "get over it" - this is belgium : there is no way out of the swamp and all around is enemy territory

HAAA ! yes ! since there's some leftover steem and team savage seems to still function in auto-mode "we" (the people in my head) have agreed that we can afford about 1 share per week - since the world is fair and you get what you give these are picked from the list generated by the autovoters WHICH, atm is set to go for some kind of rudimentary quid-pro-quo system (aka : top voters have most chance and it goes top-down , as well as top voters are scanned first for posts to get votes ... AINT LIFE FAIR LIKE THAT) - on top we still have a few of the original regulars who have been grand content creators or other, wether they vote or not, however due to the quid quo pro now also vote-backing they will get a few less votes than before over the long run - however and also : the tipu subscribe is still active afaik so some will still get the minor steem depo on certain posts (as long as supplies last : im not here to be mother Theresa but i dont wanna be too stingy either, even if im a total bum who doesnt even have a profile picture with a suit & tie and all my wives and children and succesful business records, which take up so little of my time that i still have time to spend seven days on social networks ... (sarc ...)

right : so so far shares have gone to @darsico , @simonjay and today to @mukada (according to the profile an artist in need of your support so dont mind if you check that out)

mentions will only be given once, the next post will list as @ whitespace name except for the last one to receive one AND - - if more gets available another will be picked randomly from the whole list regardless total count - its a lot less complicated than it sounds but i have known condenser for a few years now ... and perl ... later php for a few more - its not really the science of the chosen one shooting stuff at mars (the arabs were there first btw - as are the chinese - if they wanted to they can shoot the mars rover out of orbit on the 18th (dont forget to watch that btw - if theres anything to remember the end of society as we know it : its "the year that bumped spaceflight into practical usage and beyond")

RIGHT ... please upvote me to 1 million so i can be altruistic in a relative manner and also get on with development and try to get out of hell before it implodes on its own importance and lack of ability to adapt overhere tyvm ttyl stay safe and if not : then dont forget to hug your mommy when you come home and Darwin will sort you out

for sure !

original text :

it moves again !!!

Mmmmmhmm (eating ... always told me don't type with a mouth full of food...)



one small step but , even though i have decided a while ago this game will never get finished without me winning the lottery to fund it and get me a harem (and some devs chained to the desks in the basement where they get more chance at survival than they had in their place of birth ... )

what do you mean "not how its done ?"

yaya ... always with the blabla

i had this thing with scrolling map and it worked and then i merged it with the main project and it didnt, now

i get the feeling they have been putting me on turing killers for a few weeks again now, in the line of the normalization act

its about stay-in-your-place peasant where you need to be "normal" (whatever that is, i hear them talking about new normal all the time but when i ask no one can tell me what old normal is and when they do i get some kind of utopian version of a world that was never there)
its not about expanding on the talents that you have since that is weird (and also not weirken)
after all - if computers would become something bill gates would be rich by now

... remember september ?

but i dabble since it keeps my brain warm at night and my lower brain distracted from the fact that its severely neglected , being stuck behind enemy lines

so - finally it moves again (turns out hte starting coords where in the middle of a house so obviously it wouldnt , after the merger) plus the sprite wasnt visible , some overlapping vars (since i treat programming as if JMP still exists) and

well about 50 other things, and im sure it looks quite dull with zero encounter and battles in it yet but theres like this whole client-server communication thing going on (which is babysteps) which obviously doesnt show and in the end will be pointless if i cant upgrade from the current LAMP - to - custom web client (the game client) to some kind of customized specially compiled server (blizzard must have them, i dont think WoW runs on php as a gateway with apache serving)

in the meantime - this beats daylight by a lightmile even at two bytes per night while interrupted 120 times per second by drukkerland ghosts

and well

your little sister aint here anyway and my cat chooses when he wants attention

its not a dog after all

so now i finally got this together i can start picking one in twenty "what to do tonight again"

but i had to merge this up since it cant advance if the three , i call it "zoomlevels" wont work

zoomlevel 0 : main map : 1 tile is 5km²
zoomlevel 1 : one tile, divided in 20x20
zoomlevel 2 : "the town" one tile = 1m²

so that movement on the main map means the guy (or unit ) is moving in a direction at its chosen /potential movement speed

even though its impossible to find data on medieval times on google i tried

theres a lot behind everything, including the names

its my work after all, not "a job" or "a product"

and like dark souls it will not be about

"what you want"

even if i cant touch myazakis toes while jumping with a torch in my hands

i thinks thats how it should be - i think i can find plenty of longtime gamers who think the same

and otherwise - ... i will be taking feedback in 2150 when the early access pre-alpha demo for the first zone goes online

suggesting your own mobs and adding avatars for one thing but not game mechanics downsizing for faster grinding (btw if you log out the unit keeps moving - its a trick but it works - when you log back in you get to the point where it is "in real time' , possibly dead if you ran into a dragon)

think of it as everquest rallos zek : if you log out in the forest

you log into a corpse run next day and you find the guy who killed you looted everything off your corpse except your panties and one copperpiece

and you think to yourself , THIS IS THE LAST TIME I LOG OUT IN A NO SAFE ZONE

... :)

i mean - no sponsers , so no obligations, right - i already expect it not to be finished, i was quite sure from the start that even if it ever is

it wont be for everyone

i want a DEEP and FULL world with convincing, REAL npc's and citizens

first of all (as you can see from the tunnels bit, its not just all flatlands)

i have massive plans for it, i just need

100 million euros

a harem

20 devs who work for free

an anime drawing girlfriend harem

a mansion in mongolia for me and my cat and

stemcell therapy so i can get rid of this numbing constant pain and

rejuvenation elixirs from aubrey de grey

... also a house on mars, as a present from the chosen one but

if the virus doesnt kill half then 2150 is the deadline anyway

since i have been rendered useless and have no love for humans left

this is the best i can do other than cook semtex and plan vendetta

be happy with it ... SIR ? (heh ..)

-- mm - it goes deeper, like i picked 5km² while looking into fog of war and finding the curvature of earth means 5km² is like "the horizon" and stuff...mostly irrelevant

plus .. (no room for more in yutube descs)

yall have to excuse for not using the sacred words but - im not a dev and im not an artist, im not even "scene" im just a rank amateur hobbyist who was playing wonderboy for beer before you were a cryptonnaire and satoshi was playing playmochain in the bathtub

but i can do that , check it :


(organic ...)

designing organic tribes?



and some words from the nineteensixties : "object" ...

in the meantime im so old im still under the illusion that no computer in the world actually understands objects and its all a construct so low level people can work on high level projects as a team (the second most hated word in offices as it turns out) because high level people are impossible to control ?

you dont like me , do you ?

thats okay ... i get nauseous when i hear you talk five sentences of magic words regurgitated too, then we're even :)

Von Neumann lives !

(as does Ctulhu ...)

thats okay, i just deleted the videos from three weeks ago , its pointless keeping them and according to the manual of "how its done" im giving away WAY too much info and by the time i have anything amazon or crApple or Satellius will have it patented and sue me for my own stuff

i want to take a moment to congratulate "the" Jeff on the smartest decision of 2020 : theres never gonna be a year like that , they're moving for a union which, though its standard issue here , is quite something else in the mericans and

sitting back in that chair with a cigar and all those billions falling out of your pockets when you nod your head while not being the guy who gets blamed ?

massive wisdom :D now for the fun stuff like shooting shit in space ... thats pretty cute for an evil villain :)

yup there it is : four bytes set but before rebooting it even if it updates during runtime on the screen and i see no errors on the writing memory to file

it doesnt do that and it sticks at the original 3 ... (3x3 visible starter 1)

well ... so i know what to do yes,

if anyone wants something, leave 100 million euros at my front door in a brown paper bag

and your sisters panties

i will count the money and call you the answer could be yes or no

no refunds ?

"no can do" ?

well then, then we can save each other the trouble :)

just as good

PLUS ! :

pps : for instance , now i have that back in place i have the other 9 billion bugs of god (Arther Clurke) i had logged on the to-do list , even with 60 people in my head my parallel processing got screwed by too many humans and ... i call it stray alpha wave theory and its consistent with the fact that i can move again at 2 bytes per second since the world stood still so instead of looking for the key Kolwynia im trying to hide it now -

i notice even if i write the whole memory block to a file that my fog of war is not updated on the clientside while it should be, but it IS on the server (which is what matters since no amount of 14 year olds can fix that with a crack, ... "no comment" ... unless they're in the server and once they're in the server your quantum computer is helpless anyway BUT

i had a point euhm

AH !

i was trying to keep that local instead of getting the whole datastrings from the server to minimize servercalls (its an unpredictable since you cant possibly know the ping up front and you can hardly work by average and hope for the best) ... so theres one thing like : balance between bytevolume and servercalls where one call transferring tennex bytes per hit might be a lot faster than 2 calls transferring half each and even more so for 100 calls each giving one percent of the data down the line SO

im like "how much traffic does a game like warcraft generate per second (as a benchmark) but

  1. i dont have an abo and
  2. in these days you probably get sued for checking that over pokeballs for 5 million and you're up for the trouble BUt
  3. i just read eve online is f2p now (maybe for a long time but i live in a pocket dimension way before social distancing was fashionable and
  4. i could install that and tcpdumpt the traffic through some small mashed together spareparts rig and see the volume per second and try to see if i can measure my bytes to that AS
    simply getting it from the server every time would just be a lot easier than trying to minimize calls for the flow
    ... i mean if blizzard can do it

then all i need is blizzard money, right ?

right ?


if you read all that im sure its worth ten cents ... :) tyvm and please help the chosen one to tweet bitcoin to the moon, the rest that matters usually follows so even if i cant afford rich-kid stuff like btc or eth, DOGE might buy me a coffee by the time im 95 like that , GANBARREI !!!
you're not too good at sarcasm are you ? you're not the only one, ive been attacked in bars before with people thinking im making fun of them

it is both is and not at once - but duality got killed in the western hemisphere with the advent of monotheism - it seems to be a hard to grasp concept for most, even those who tout and spout about yin and yang - they mostly dont seem to actually get it ... well, if steem goes to $2 ill have plenty of reason to think about talking, until then ... if you read all this .. i said that already :D ---- ganbarrei, thre's a rift in the world, some countries are all-in on cryptons , others are all-mafia and has to go on cryptons ... i hope the hellhole where im stuck considers the fact that "having money is good for consumer spending while having none is good for armed robbery" and tries not to take it all as usual

also : the quid-pro-quo voter works "as-is" but very crude and since someone pointed at the fact that sbi is still active i'll probably hand a few (to the top voters) quid pro quo and equilibrium seem fine under universal law here and a random one to one of the others, but im not gonna advertise that ... i once had a series where i put a mention of it in subscript, like 'only if you read here then you can guess the number to get the sbi share' and that took like under 30 seconds , but when i put a jpg with the txt instead no one ever claimed it

i been here since steem was $7 and the days when you were either on your knees for steemcleaners

or simply never got anything, i kinda figured out "what people want" and i'll never be lady haha or the CEO of rap when it comes to sales but just in case



STEEM is rising, BUY IN NOW ! and

"if you click here you can double your bitcoin, its a new and patented process"

dozo - read before you flag me for vissen plz

so there's the screenshot thing thats proof-of-work (i assume no one ever looks at those) and i have a new thing working on on a 1 in 20 basis (i have more weird habits than a pro sports player when it comes to what socks i wear tonight im afraid)
for now i call "the lore section" where i'll keep proper(ish) renders which can be viewed by anyone visiting but actually the section is meant to be part of the game for AFK ... or should i say away-from-home use where you can check the lore with nice pics and shiney , BUT depending on what your actual character has already learned about the world - the ultimate intention that it would hold clues

its not meants for kids and its not meant for easy - its not meant for mobile either since even if i could probably compile for android i dont think going crAppstore is something poor people do - compiling linux executables however costs nothing to distribute if you put up torrents - its a poor mans world after all and im certainly not blessed with the best paint BUT
not complaining since i dont want anyone's money cranking my style so its either my money or my money. I should have had by now but i dont so it wont and thus this

(and that)

click the little book icon (all wip - ... )

Webp.net-gifmaker (1).gif

then select an entry to the left -

Webp.net-gifmaker (2).gif

you get an animation and it will show you a render of an in-game item/concept/zone/npc/something with the name - for visitors the intention is to have full 4k renders possible for viewing, actual players will get a whole wad of text (with hopefully clues and #stuff) - again : NOT MADE FOR MOBILE : the game client wont run on a phone anyway and even if i compiled it for android i dont see how i that would work on a 5 inch screen

i KNOW sid meyers brainchild has made it to mobile but do try to keep in mind that THIS GUY HERE (me) was playing Civ when he was 14 ... so it took even god a while to get to the point where it was acceptible

Project codename : dont wait up for it

unless someone has my 100 million ? guess not :)

then i'll just be me - an other wise thats the whole thing - i still would just be me or it wont work, nothing to do about it - if i win the lottery i'll start with the job applications : moving to mongolia is not required but ofcourse wouldnt get in the way once that happens ...

(lose the character it says , i think it just crashed my pc since it didnt like what i was saying)

SO ... will you download a 45 gb app like call of duty-pc to your smartphone ?

well theres your answer

yea i know : and i KEEP saying : i cant be the one to do the talking and they keep going

BUT YOU HAVE TO ! THAT IS HOW ITS DONE ! and so you get flappy bird ... and salespitch for brain as a product for a work

not my problem xept the money

i dont keep these indefinitely , just like the screenshots, except the ones i wanna keep that is ... most vids are deleted after two weeks

i keep the shots on the site, accessible in the *info* section

via here :

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 03-38-01.png

then here,

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 07-00-31.png

here, here,

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 07-00-49.png

and here

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 07-00-58.png

I am greatly misunderstood by politically correct idiots .
*Brigitte Bardot*

ah yea , recap , euhm

domainnames : €65 : paid , funded : 0%

hosting 2021 - 2022 : €80 : not paid , funded : 0%

software cost : ... mostly free , phaser, blender linux gimp, a few though : AGK : paid, funded : 0% , would like agk visual and some bits like spriter pro : €100-€150 : funder : 0%

rtx card for not waiting 12 hours to render+bake on stuff and maybe being able to continue work on my lastbille model which has been stale since it's just too much for the pc to handle (in the editor - ...) : cost : €809 , paid ? they're not available here lol i have no clue who is all those testers online since i havent seen one up close or even heard about anyone having one

mainboard + ryzen + 32gb ram : cost : $600-700 and $150-160 on newegg (not available in E.U. ): funded :0%

startup actual company : cost : 10.000 - 50.000 (before making a cent and without gear or location or like anything but paperwork and state stamped approval) , funded : 0 %

realistic amount for production : 100 million euros , funded : 0%

and then some ... like business lunches and cocaine for the third-party collabs and sex-parties

employees : if i take people with no degrees like myself then perhaps living in my basement an overhead of 12000-15000 yearly pro captia and euhm , yea well

and so


project "dont wait up for it" has had its name confirmed

please donate 100 million euros and your asian supermodels to 1-888-aid-tyrnannoght-the-dark-one

"You are a deviant from the social norm!"
"Is that an insult or a diagnosis?"
Roger Zelazny(creatures of light and darkness)

To be honest I don't buy games anymore at full price, there are tons of free games to play until prices go down lol.