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in short :


same as 2020, 2019, 2018,2017,2016,2015,2014,2013,2012,2011,2010,2009,2008, and ... we already cant track that far since to us every day is yesterday, unstuck in time somewhat both forward and backward.

So if the year ends in null but you're 300 days later than you started, life in effect went backwards .

The plus is : why bother :)

and here we have true next-gen ... the reason why to spend a year trying to get an rtx 3series gpu ... to find out it can barely hack it lol ..

50gb ... the size of a "modern" demo sometimes ... thats gonna take 40 minutes , so far there's still internet ... wouldnt know what to do without that

probably just lie down 24 hours and wait for the next day lol

anyway - at least we can move to an alien planet for a while now, the beta looked really promising

...hmm, this IS me being positive ... im not picking up the crank to go outside and flip yet - the world might yet explode and take all humans with it in a flash of cosmic karma and , well people win the lottery, so i still have time until i forget my name and sit in a wheelchair wearing pampers

right ?

Screenshot (45).png

I wonder if they still send those mails like "sir, you have use a lot of bandwidth etc etc on our unlimited blabla so we throttled your speed during daytime ...

as in like , 100 euros a month aint enough yet that you have to throttle it for downloading ONE demo or game ?

da yo neeee ?

gatland ...

making the living dead since 1830 ...


ZOGOTH'S STAR GATE :))) can you imagine it"s from the Sumerian era

hm ... all good things in 3

"that" was just "them again" apparently

something they forgot to wreck completely this year - or maybe they just cant have the idea that el salvador might actually work out , outside of their institutions

old american men in suits ... twas likely

either them or the chinese, right ?

no new years bonus for me then lol

not even money to buy on the dip

good thing they released the game

now thats a Dip :)) geez all on Binance again hmm curious china still in there?? :))) maybe buy the dip, but it might be a double dipper lol :))) so much bad news in the media these days or they're cashing out before Christmas and tax time begins. i will know more on monday if theyre shorting crypto to buy stocks/bonds.

if i had money id be definitely buying THIS dip ... too good to leave it

yea well, Von Danichen didnt suck it all out of his thumb lol. If you check the "lost book" of Enoch (a biblical chapter that was left out by decision of the church of Rome) with the shining one and the nephilim / sons of god , giants walking the earth and coming and leaving in "flaming chariots" and what not ...

you WOULD think they were hiding something since day one :D

the greeks have a better story Enoch would be maybe a titan Prometheus or a Zeus like entity same time as adam or Epimetheus who married the daughter of Hephaestus "eve" and whose children Deucalion(Noah) and wife Pyrrha
imagine this : According to this story, Lycaon, the king of Arcadia, had sacrificed a boy to Zeus, who, appalled by this offering, decided to put an end to the Bronze Age by unleashing a deluge. During this deluge, the rivers ran in torrents and the sea flooded the coastal plain, engulfing the foothills with spray, and washing everything clean. Deucalion, with the aid of his father Prometheus, was saved from this deluge by building a chest.

it comes back in every ancient culture up til the romans (who took it from the arame(ians) i suppose)
this one is like 7000+ years ago, their city stood before the egyptians built the pyramids , they were writing and baking clay pots ...
the world is just older - there's like no record before that, back then there were actually still woolly mammoths in some places, humans actually saw those (and probably ate some too, ... now THAT must have been a bbq to write home about)

afterwards the world got smaller
and smaller

and in the last 200 years overcrowded

the atmosphere is shrinking too, only the lenght of a footballfield i think but if it keeps up then its an inevitable indiana jones trap ... like tick-tock

time is running out, the planets gonna choke you

or maybe as Musk might tweet : "if we can't get to mars , mars will get us here soon enough"


actually :)))
but yeah mars :))) how cool is that ?? just wonder what my guitar would sound like in space :)))


Akshully, since all that stuff mighty intrests me and it makes for fine background noise i devoured a lot of it (i read von danichen as a kid too, about the same time as i killed LOTR and others and one of my all-time favourites was a mythology junkie with the dystopian stuff like lord of light (zelazny) in the vid there the guy gives a whole explanation for what might very well be the biblical flood ... and deeper (but not in this vid) the book of Enoch actually would be "before" that (before the sumerians moved in then) where enoch would be (if im not mistaken) Noah (the ark dude)'s grandpa.
If you get into real historians and /or real journalism like a.o. Oliver Stone it shows really well that its not just the untold history of the united states. Here too, in soviet helgium they conveniently dont mention anything about "the lords work" Leopold did in africa but certainly focus on the tragic death of albert roi ... not in 18 years they mention anything about anything else. Same goes for the mericans, i doubt they teach the kids what they did in the filippines and how actually who sponsored the germans in the 1930s and before and where eugenics actually originated and the further you go the more you notice in EVERY country : school is a lie (xept for math and spelling but even that is a convention ... spelling at least, and math partly since numbers dont exist in physical reality they're just a framework. Much is assumed, 95% of the universe is still missing so actually 19 out of 20 steps you take you would fall through a hole in space (or we're just lucky to have condensed in a small patch with solid matter ...) and so on ... einstein said light = c but no one knows if C is constant ... like , it might be 2C from here to the moon and C/2 on the way back, by the time its here it s C ... and so so and so so

b/c everythings been conveniently altered the real truth will never exist anymore but since there's obvious holes the size of Nereus in everything conspiracies will keep popping up too ...

Im going back to Icarus, im gonna be there for a while lol

beats sitting out the end of year in drukkerland

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