its a trap, lol

in #gaming2 months ago (edited)

Yea but im not complaining, this is just "how it is"

unlike about all mundanes i know, part of "my conditionS" as some call that, deny me the ability to ignore reality,

what is IS ... i see people do it all the time, they just ignore "it" whatever it is and walk through it, if it happens to be a pool of acid they're out of luck, if its just a sulphur cloud they "grow up" ...

its something like that ... i totally understand



the system recording is an i5, rtx 3070 (they claim all devs in the studio use a 2070) w 16gb of ram and windows partition on an ssd (the game install isnt though ... ssds dont grow on trees and the rest is about a sports car to me)

the videos can speak for themselves ... RTX is simply out of the question, even at 1080p it gets a framerate of about 5 to 15 fps ( = unplayable) , the rest sticks close to 30 and mostly under at dx12

dx 11 at 4k (not epic) dips as if zoning
even at 2k it dips (as if zoning, its REALLY as if its zoning for a sec, very likely loading terrain and textures)

so the playable version to me seems to be 2k at high with occasional killer-dips (when a wolf is eating you at 1fps it usually turns out bad , this is what i call : invoking griefers ... good thing im not one of those)

ARK could do it "over time" they turned it into a super tweaked experience, even loading times got cut by 1/10 to 1/20 of the original version

and SO

now we have done our duty to the fatherland ... your gnomes can some zougen about dating enzo but there's 100 euros left until january

(cats gotta eat and #stuff)

not complaining ofcourse , it used to be waaaay worse for years ... despite that

i will never agree to the situation

despite taht

hearing some americans or rich countryfolk speak on life and how to do it

from this perspective here ... some of it would be laughable if reality wasnt so vitriolic 24/7

now im gonna game a bit ... maybe until the swamp/van drukkerland presents an opportunity thats big enough to get out of here

or maybe not

it doesnt really matter ... this is as positive as it gets, i actually feel quite positive , i did the dishes ... i checked the mail, the package crammed inside tore in half while getting it out but HEY

it arrived !

see ? positive ... okay then now im gonna game some until 2022

yea well dont take it personally ... if i made 2 million per hour (or something that has zeroes to it at all) id probably see the world differently too - not born in a place where you start earning for yourself by august and not everything up to the correct way to wipe your arse is regulated ... it MIGHT BE different

but its not

the annoying bit is a lot of humans across the planet dont seem to get this and think its a joke or sarcasm ...


the good bit ?

there is no good bit

complacence is for dopamine jackpot liftetime monotheist believers and that


allrighty then ... mind : these things are shot "offline" so lag playing with up to x players is not included

despite that, the game looks like a breather but sadly in 2021, "early access" is the norm so by the time its really gaining momentum most have moved on and the devs dont see the point since

let me guess : that thing that doesnt matter most important : MONEY

with exceptions like ARK

which get bought out by Crotter inc, and then slapped down to "optimized for console" so you can mash it with four buttons ...

even escapism has been invaded



maybe the world explodes in seven days

it doesnt keep me awake though, i sleep fairly well lately ... ever since i saw : this is a dead-end and now they closed ALL exits

for some reason its not pushing me to revolt

nor to be complacent

i just

dont give a fuck


they broke it ...

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