I could get used to the place

in #gaming2 months ago

Temperate climate , very low population density, clean nature, lakes, plains and forest ...

sounds like some place i remember thinking about.


Put the game offline and play "outpost" which is a small map and suddenly 4k epic becomes possible ... even RTX at 1080 p (lol ? THAT is what nvidia was selling then ... minesweeper with raytracing for a few months money)

ofcourse steemit doesnt show pictures bigger than 640px ...

Working out the limits of the building blocks, there's lots and they can flip all ways, despite that i seem to alraedy have fount ways it wont snap where it would in my mind so it doesnt work out to be how i saw it , still ...

i can practice "building the house ill never have in the place i wont get to live"

beats watching politicitelly or footy

by a lightyear

i havent seen the place present any options that dont come down to "you can have five copper pieces to spend back at "the boss" so the boss can buy an extra pool this year.

and ofcourse ... nutballs arent wanted for anything to piss at so


think ill drop steemit for a week too now ... my head is strangely quiet when im on another planet


What game is this it looks so amazing


the present 1 or 2 top seller on steam


it is ... but early access so expect bumps ... one of those "if this were AAA" it would cost €60 and be dumped by easter for the next ... so im hoping they dont lol

it was €20 when i got it

i run a i5 , rtx 3070 w/ 16gb ... but they say the devs all use a 2070 in the studio, pretty next gen although the gameplay would be similar to Ark (the first before all the add-ons) except that the multiplayer missions dont have a persistent world ...

I dont have affiliations lol but if you wanna on valve you can always get it, and if you return within 24 hours and before you play a full hour you can ask a full refund (last time i checked , dont shoot me if the smallprint changed)

fyi :)

wartales is released too, i had my eye on that one too

completely different genre though

I personally try to stay away from early access games but it looks a lot like a game i d9 play with a bit of satisfactory vibes going on.

Wartales looks brilliant 😱

des yo :p

i played the demo on last demofest and i had this "this is amiga" vibe with the gfx but the game itself felt great .. i forego early access too but in dire need at €20 after reading ARK2 has been wrecked by crotter inc. into a console game i fell for it ...

there's work to be done lol but maybe they stick around instead of pump it for 3 months and dodge ..

I checked the reviews of the games. Doesn't look so great though but I'll give it a few months.


Looks like the house is turning out quiet nice, do you know how many floors you can have?


not sure if you meant that literally or referred to stories as in "stories" for steemit but

since you asked

i think its more about "how wide" than how heigh ... i fully intend to find where the sky puts the limit though it looks like there will be plenty of time

Thanks for showing me the tower, and from what it looks like the tower was build on already high ground so it seems like you can build some pretty big structures which is cool.


ARK had an upper limit of 50 blocks or something i cant remember exactly, then you hit the shield, im going for a watchtowere here too but i havent quite seen yet.

it burned down twice so far though

in "safe" mode :)


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