caveat constructor

in #gaming2 months ago


Well, for one, i already feedbacked for a hardcore persistent offline mode WITH storms and carnivores ... for another after a few hundred hours of ark online this is really nothing, since how many times i logged in to a base that wasnt there anymore cant recall however, im riddicked ...

Either littly piggy 2 had a bbq too close ... "it" got jealous , the other one wants to TEAM and voor een baas! online ! play OR ... i dont know, it just feels like wrecking everything i do the moment it starts looking like something ... (thats the most likely one)

anyway ...

about 200 trees to cut to level 15 and then little piggy 3 can start ... thats a bummer, good thing we keep separate storage houses

right then :)

not like the year will bring anything fruitful xept crotter inc trying to pite good jazz ideas and so we go

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