Blame the witch i guess ?

in #gaminglast month (edited)

I blame the guy who wrecked crypto , and the laxaty of all of it allowing this thing to roam around 3 years later ...

Plus, amazos and crotter inc. took all the money in the world and split it up , now try to force remnants to pay in blood for what they're selling since no one has coin anymore ... then crypto went bottoms up and the year was over

Screenshot (46).png

Screenshot (47).png

nothing to do and nowhere to go leaves a hard time caring, virii, dead people, cartels incoming (and i dont have THEIR number since im sure they still have paying jobs worth while enough to get out of here) on top of that, in salems lot, anywhere in spacetime since the dawn of spacetime , anytime anything goes wrong and they pitchfork tribe cant handle it they just seek out the witch and sacrifice it to god.

Only to find out the next day the well still runs dry ... but SOMEONE's making money ...

10 minutes to download , 1 hour to patch the other one ...

its a good thing they're working on it, so for the price of 2 bottles of gekkeikan which id sip alone i find this one suddenly downloading.

With that the year is really settles, think i got about €100 left, its what ?


7th :)

thats good, i havent celebrated xmas in 20 years or so

longer maybe ...

and ...

alone != lonely , i would find the furthest place on earth with my cat(s) .. 1 left and move there but

hah !

I can't shake this "amiga"-vibe feeling although i never had one, ended up with an atari st and ste instead, friend of mine had one though but he wasnt really the power-cartridge type. It was, however (and IS if you check the scene and neo-motherboards printed) an impressive machine.
None such as die Q from whence it came though ... if i had the money it would certainly be a piece in my floor of "historical artefacts that shaped the world according to Garp" in my abandoned warehous (with the crocodile moat and the gunturrets with facial recognition to remove preachers and salesman and effectively anything uninvited before it can disturb the peace by doorbell abuse) . Should have never let that machine go .

If anyone ever wants to fix us back into me, you'd probably have to go past 1987 and set your time machine there to prevent Ygdrassil from branching into what eventually branched into this. Cant take responsibility for the kid b/c kids dont make their own decisions and cant for this b/c this wasnt mine.

Unless you count "but you could have chosen homeless" as one of those conservative "you always have a choice" people speechlines ...

THAT SAID ... we have great hope the mayans were off by a decade and the world will fall apart where you stand while you're too busy telling US what to do and dont :)

right then, back to Icarus ... dont mistake this , there IS no money but you start the month by : i need this catfood and that food for me - then the other weeks you just sit it out.

But theres refugees ... and enough money for five governments and administrations so we're sure everythings great here.

As for the rest : should have come up with that before it broke us into 61 pieces

dozo ... i am really trying to NOT post for seven days ... something is pushing again, it was quiet for a while but its back ... someone must have had weird notions on how the world is the illusion they think it is and tomorrow we'll all be living in the 1960s again

yea : no crypto : no money

en het zwembad van de baas aint getting me there ... with a bit of luck this omicron wipes out the planet and the rest of us who CAN get a decent shot at doing it again.

tschuess, yours sincerely , always realive , never fake positive like those antigen tests i keep by the buckets

"Janes Onderground"


You live from the crypto here or other platforms too?
100 isn't bad for the rest of the month there's nothing to celebrate about Christmas. You could try Midwinter for achange.
Would love to hibernate through the rest of this year.

Read the latest variant of the virus is invented to explain the side effects of the jabs. Dropping dead on the sidewalk and heartfailures is caused by that virus now.

You should watch something funny.

actually i had to think a bit on stand-up comedy and most of it ...

i guess usually from around here id come up with Hoste or Goebbels but

there's this one guy

its probably just on the edge but most of the other stand-up comedy is always nationalist after a fashion, it alway relates to current politics or ongoing issues ...

mister de Vadder here is more like rauw-vlaemsch ... (west-fluts for that matter) ... closer to Kamagurka and Brusselmans in their better days

then again ... i quit belgium long ago, im just physically stuck here lol

too many limits ...

We can watch Mr Bean. He keeps the spirit high.

Same life I live. It's cold. Early bed time for me.

Hope you find some rest and above all distraction.
You can change your home into an Asian one. 😉

oh, Pee-p.p.p. S :

when i say about "starting" its too late i dont talk about skill or ability - i mean if that were the case they would have retired buffett 80 years ago so its clearly not about how grey you are.

Its about "how much money" you got lol en hier, de stoelendans is voorbij, not enough milk for too many puppies. If you can handle it a chain at a desk is the best option for life, met een beetje geluk en 5m² tuintje en een huis van de bank asje braaf bent tot 69 mag het van jou zijn.

Amazos has all the money, thats not sarcasm on my behalf, which means for every dollar they make every minute someone else somewhere else ISNT making it, there's just a limited supply of those (although vastly increased every time the supreme gov't runs into debt, the amount of resources stay the same as the supply chains show very well right now since chairman mao the second started buying the world

(they dont HAVE TO fight, you see)

Ask me for a dutch rich guy i'll STILL say "de mol" b/c its the only name i know, ask me for a belgian one i'll STILL say Van Rossem even if they killed him mouth-dead by jailing him (as did the other two, even over practice russians, chinese and americans practice on the daily - as long as its not the competition)

Is what i meant ...

they didnt leave us a chair

we'll just have to make do

The rich Dutch guy is the royal family,thieves, not paying taxes... lbert Heijn's family is rich too nd the whoever they may be people.

I don't have a house from the bank, agarden a big bigger than 5m2. Quess good to keep distance from the neighbours.

That deask with chain I left longer ago. Ot was good I had a job alone, office for me,noreal coworkers but still.


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