When Cardboards and Money Made Out of Thin Air Collides

in #gaming3 years ago

This video above is from Rudy of Alpha Investments. He is a guy that I watch from time to time to hear things about what he has to say about Magic the Gathering and investing. Most of the time he talks more about Magic the gathering, a card game where everyone spends a lot of money just for them to be able to play a game made out of card board cutouts same like pogs.

For me, it is a surprise to hear from this man when I first watched his video a year ago that Magic the Gathering became an asset class against inflation the same like how people treat gold and silver over the years. As a child who played the game too, I know that there are cards that go in such ridiculous prices that when you tell to people about it, they will probably say that you're making things up or lying just for the sake of exaggerating. Exaggerated as it sounds, there are cards in Magic the gathering that costs 30k in US dollars. Its a piece of card board for God's sake. And crypto is just a bunch of numbers and alogarithms. XD

I'll just leave this post here with not talking much more about the video above. I just wanted to share what I've been watching that I find interesting at times. Yeah, that is just basically it for this post.

The video is not mine, its from Alpha Investments, please do check his channel out at Youtube


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