There's Now a Steemit Community on Playstation Network!

in gaming •  2 years ago

I setup a Steemit Community on the PS4 where we can host events or just hang.

Steemit Events

We can create events, have contest or just meet up to chat and play while gaming. Any game is welcome and whatever becomes the most popular will become the focus for the Community.

Currently it's set to MLB The Show 17 since that's what I'm playing on PS4 as well as @theprophet0.


If you have a Playstation and would like to connect with other Steemians while playing, please consider joining the Steemit Playstation Community by requesting an invite from your Playstation in the Communities section or leave your PS account name in the comments and I'll invite you. Just let me know what your Steemit username is and I'll set you up!

I considered leaving the Community open to the public, but for starting out I'd like to limit it to just actual Steemit members unless others feel it would be better to just let it be public. Tell me what you think and most of all, be sure to join!

Steemians Team Update

While I'm at it, here's the update on the Steemians MLB The Show team. We're currently sitting at 14-7, still in the Pennant Race after going 2-1 so far today. I had some trouble with the metered pitching in the loss due to a horrible connection with the other player. But, they were playing with the same lag so it's no excuse, it just seemed to affect me more often ... oh well.

MLB(R) The Show(TM) 17_18.jpg

Since the original post received such a big payout, I'm going to put all of that into the team and hopefully help move us up even faster! Thanks for all of the upvotes for something I know seems kind of silly, but I think it will actually draw a lot of attention to the site, especially if we're able to get a good sized community going.

So join up and let's play!

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Hey ! Add me, my acount name is Nerlo88.


I will send an invite later today.

Nice work!! Add me please.


Thanks! Will send an invite later tonight.

I play other games, but I like to join in.
PSN name DerBeatminister


I will send an invite later tonight.


Great, thanks!

Hey add me. My PSN is King_Roye15


Come into Steem Chat and msg @tuckfheman. We may not get enough players and will need to coordinate something else.

PlanetSide 2 is awesome...

And would love some mic using shooters on steem...

You can add me.


Invite sent.

Awesome job on this, soon as I get a PS4 going I am in there.

I RESTEEMED this to our Facebook Steemit page, hopefully you will grab more Steemit users to enter the PS4 realm with you. You can view your post here:

Keep making Steemit great my friend!!!

Knight_Fury66 is my ps4 user name! My current game is Injustice 2, so let me know if you want to get the hands haha


Invite sent.


Thanks I accepted it last night!

@ugbd111 check it out

This is fabulous!! What a great way to bring the community together @tuck-fheman, while also promoting #steemit. I love it!!! THANK YOU!!! Shine on and Bright Blessings!


Add it up dude.


Perfect thank you

/pcmasterrace though


Well, for multiplayer games, both PC and console seem to be getting pigeon holed into focusing almost entirely on FPS (unless you count treadmill games like WoW). Occasionally you have some other stuff like Towerfall, though. There's currently a MOBA phase too, but I'm not sure that will have staying power or not.

Nice! That will make me purchase a ps4! Resteemed

Now I wish I had a Playstation! But what a great way to introduce Steemit to new people. Great job!

good combination ps + steem
nice post

Great initiative! Sadly I don't own a PS4, so I won't be joining, but it is great to see Steemians connecting on other platforms!

Great post, this is really cool.

Wow!!This is fabulous!! sounds interesting!! Thanks for sharing :)

Is.. Is thee one for Xbox? If not, will there be one?Those of us who like our remote to have letters in it also deserve some love deserve upvote and resteem...

Cool.. :))

Playstation yay!!!

Nice work :)

Whoa !
That's Interesting !

@officialfuzzy you haz PS4? get in on this man.

The world of gaming will be forever changed! this is epic!

I dont have a ps4 but this is still great news ^_^

Is this community still active?