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Lucksacks Steem Poker League model of posting for Upvotes was not able to sustain the Freeroll poker games we were running, so we mutated into more of a Hosting platform to survive. Thanks to many generous successful projects and thoughtful individuals we've been able to carry on a bit longer.

However, we still have bills to pay on a monthly basis and would like to improve features on the site, but our post rewards on Steem do not cover the expenses after paying the writers. So I have a solution!

The Solution

  • There still is no fee to play on Lucksacks (and no deposits).

  • There will be 2 options to enter into Freerolls.

    1. Play in a Satellite tourney to win a Ticket to enter into a Freeroll.

    2. Donate to bypass Satellites and enter all Freerolls at will.

      • Options planned are Monthly / 3 months / 6 months / 12 months.
      • Discounts will increase for 3/6/12 month packages.
      • 1 SBD per month is the planned monthly rate for the base package (no Sats).
      • Other packages will be bundled with upgrades below for further discounts.


  • There will be Upgrades available to each Account Type (Free or Donator).

Permanent Upgrades

  • Custom Avatar
  • Animated Avatar
  • Custom Title & Location
  • Custom Chat Color
  • Chip Transfers


You can choose from a static avatar or animated avatar or roll with our default Donk the Bounty Hunter avatar.

Title & Location

All players start with no Title, and a Location of "Internet". If you would like to customize these two areas shown when another players mouseovers your seat at the table and in the Lobby, then grab this upgrade!

Chat Color

Want to stand out from everyone else when you call them a donkey? Get a custom chat color!

Chip Transfers

Want to send chips to your friends? Then get the chip transfer option for you and your friends if they don't already have the upgrade!

Monthly Upgrades

  • Ring Game Access
  • Chat ability at table
  • Leaderboard Consideration

Ring Game Access

Many players enjoy playing in the Ring Games more than our Freerolls simply because ... that's where you can make the most SBD the fastest!

At the Ring Game you're basically playing to take other players Freeroll winnings, since there are no deposits.

Currently we have a simulated rake on the Ring Games, but that will be removed when we move to this model. The Ring Games will be an upgrade feature to our base package for those that really enjoy the thrill of a "cash game" without putting up any cash of their own.


Chatting is a huge feature on Lucksacks and has it's advantages. If you'd like to chat at the tables, this upgrade is for you!


The Leaderboard is a big deal at Lucksacks and currently we're giving away SBD to each Monthly/Yearly winner and those funds have come from our balance, with no funds coming in. This obviously is not a sustainable model.

So the obvious solution was to do what some other sites do as well and limit the Leaderboard to certain players that qualify in one way or another. Since we're giving away SBD to the winner's, our qualifying method is donating to be a part of our Leaderboard system!


I'm still planning this all out, but this is the basics of what's coming. As soon as I have nailed down the rest of the details I will be posting them here and in chat.

One other change will be moving back to a weekly cash out and reducing the Rush Cash Out fee. My hope is to eventually get to a point to where we have a daily cash out with no fee, but it will require coding to automate which introduces security issues, which costs m0ar.

What Do You Think?

If you have any suggestions or if you have SteemConnect expertise you can offer please let me know, and thanks!

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The SPL is the best community on steemit. I've met so many great people from all over the U.S. and different parts of the globe. And a few assholes too, but let's not nitpick. We can play poker anywhere on the internet, but we stick with Lucksacks because it's like a big family. And it's a lot of fun.

It's unfortunate the league can't survive on upvotes alone, but these changes are going to be a positive for most members.

It is a great group of people. Short of getting a major steemit player to fund the operation with consistant upvotes, I guess this had to be done. I am wondering, if someone doesn't have any SBD built up to buy the upgrades, do they have to wait until they win the appropriate amount to upgrade? Could they do an agreement with lucksacks (sort of a smart contract) whereby they get credit for a small amount (1 - 5 SBD) to do certain upgrades, against the future winnings. Say for 30 days. Then at the end of that time if not paid back, then remaining amount owed is due. Don't know if you want that headache, but could get currently established players into immediate playing action. If you wait until they play satellites and win to get into freerolls, the first couple of weeks could be a challenge getting enough players for each freeroll. Just throwing stuff out there.

The first part is prob more than we can handle.

The 2nd part we could cover the first few weeks for the regulars with our new Lucksack "token" so they can see the new setup posted all over site for few weeks. It will give them enough time to accumulate more in the Lucksack Token Satellite before they run out.

I'm fairly certain I can manually handle this (for a while). I can't get the Dev to work on it right now, he's on his own project currently.

Although running completely off upvotes sounds awesome, I totally understand why it just isn't producing enough. I think this sounds very fair and still inclusive for everyone. Hopefully most will decide to upgrade and give it a little boost!

I really like this idea of donating to get into the satellite tournaments. Lets make Lucksacks great again (still!)!!!

Spoken like a true Donk! All the best with the changes, looking forward to Lucksacks 3.0

Just discovering the poker community here. Super excited to give this a shot!