Trending Blockchain Gaming News #29 - June 1st, 2020

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Sales of Virtual Land Are Going Through The (Virtual) Roof

"...Sales of virtual land in a working decentralized economy called Somnium Space are selling like digital hot cakes. In the past ten weeks, hundreds of land parcels in the virtual world have sold for a total of $470,000. The dapp currently tops the charts at marketplace Opensea..."

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Minecraft Meets the Blockchain Thanks to New Plug-In

"...Blockchain game technology company, Enjin, announced that their plugin “EnjinCraft” is now available on the popular video game, Minecraft.

According to the announcement made by Enjin, the blockchain plugin will allow players to integrate, trade, and use blockchain gaming items through the servers..."

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Topps trading cards arrive on the WAX blockchain

"... The Topps Company is the most prestigious producer of trading cards and collectibles in the world. Since 1938, Topps trading cards have become synonymous with Major League Baseball, Star Wars, WWE, Garbage Pail Kids. As well as other major sports leagues and iconic entertainment properties.

And for the first time ever collectors can buy, sell, and trade Topps digital trading cards on the blockchain. Starting with the pop culture phenomenon Garbage Pail Kids ..."

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Reddit’s Fortnite Gamers Are Bigger Crypto Adopters Than r/Cryptocurrency

"... In a rather ironic and hilarious revelation; data from Reddit’s dApp tracker shows r/FortNiteBR, a gaming subreddit, did almost three times the number of ERC20 transactions than r/Cryptocurrency ..."

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Tweet this : Brings Crypto-Powered eSports Streaming to Samsung Devices

"... formerly known as, a distributed ledger technology (DLT) and cryptocurrency-powered esports entertainment platform, has joined forces with Samsung. The strategic alliance will make it possible for eSports streaming content to be available on the Samsung Daily platform pre-installed in all premium Galaxy S20 devices shipped in the U.S. ..."

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