Dark Souls:When you lack good or bad you get brilliant.

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There are no bad guys or good guys but instead, decisions and consequences. One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter. What makes us human is subjectivity. Almost nothing is black and white. Here is an example, if murder is always bad what about murdering murderers to prevent more murder. This holds true not only in our day to day decision making but deep down in our soul. A simple understanding of why these decisions or paths are chosen give us some compassion and understanding to our foe even if meeting our sword is still the fate. As we clean the blood of our sword we can reflect and understand, that could of been us if faced with the same circumstances. Today we will look at the decisions and consequences of Pinwheel. As you venture deep underground and enter the chambers of Pinwheel you notice a cold bare room with the looks of solitude in the design. Mountains of necromancy books are the only thing in this room besides this odd shape creature resembling a pinwheel with 3 masks. The three mask represent a father mother and child. download.jpg
One can only assume Pinwheel at some point made a great mistake and it either cost him the lives of his family or in an attempt to bring back his child and wife threw necromancy something went very wrong fusing the three together perhaps from using power he stole from the load of death Nitto. One thing is for sure, he lives threw his suffering and works without rest to undo his mistakes. unfortunately his time has run out and the time of consequences has come. As the play sits down by the nearest bonfire and reflects on if Pinweels blood was necessary, perhaps we we doing him the favor of ending his infinite misery and regret, either way we have a our decision not know the consequences. -Praise the sun

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