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Trends in gaming are similar to how most other trends form, one popular and successful game appears and everyone wants to copy it. This may not always be the case, and sometimes it can backfire for the copies.

Let's talk about some interesting trends in gaming.

There were always the trendsetters. Those few games that start something new and big. Since early days of gaming, there was the Ultima series that influenced all RPG games to come and start gameplay mechanics that RPG games are still using.

There was Dune that revolutionized RTS games and made way for the Comand & Conquer series. It also inspired many other games that appeared afterward. Then there was the Wolfenstein 3D, a game that got everyone interested in FPS games and made it so many of the current popular games were made.

More recently there was the World of Warcraft a game that spawned too many copies to count and made MMO games as popular and widespread as they are now. DOTA was the first real MOBA game, DOTA started a new genre, even if it is not the most popular game of its genre.

There were many more trends in recent years, especially in the mobile market. There are several trends in the mobile market, for match 3 games, for card games, for builder games and a few more.

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