Age of Wonders Shadow Magic - Humans

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Humans are usually considered simple, most basic race in fiction. This is especially the case in fantasy games. They use standard weapons and armor Humans used in the middle ages. They have everything you might expect. Shadow Magic made playing Humans fun and even diverse.

They start with halberdiers as their basic unit. They are effective against cavalry and can strike their enemies first, even if they are the ones attacked. As all starting units, they are weak and can be easily killed.

Next up are the swordsmen. They have a sword and a shield. Shield gives them block skill that is useful if they are attacked by a ranged attack. They have more armor than the halberdiers and can hold the line even against higher tier units.

The first ranged unit for the Humans are the crossbowmen. They function in a similar way to other crossbowmen in the game. They have one ranged attack that can deal a lot of damage. They are weak and almost have no armor. They also do not have a melee attack and will be killed easily if someone comes close. Unlike some other crossbowmen in the game, they are faster and have more hit points. This can increase their survivability, by just a bit.

The first higher level unit for the Humans is the cavalry. The first rider for the race. They are very fast, have a damaging charge and even have a decent armor. Thy is able to take more damage from more powerful units available later on, but do not expect them to survive for long if focused, or against something powerful. They are great as scouts and if you need a fast, cheap and large army fast.

Swashbuckler is the first unit that makes playing Humans fun. They have a sword and a gun, giving them a powerful ranged attack, and giving them an ability to strike back if attacked in melee. Swashbucklers are able to go over water, increasing their versatility. Swimming skill is highly useful, enabling them to reach difficult places quickly, as well as to strike the enemy where they may not be prepared to defend. I consider them a utility unit and a defensive unit, not really useful for attacking.

Herbalist is a very fun unit. They have a poison ranged attack and can fight in melee, not very well, but they will not be killed instantly. They can heal your units and this gives them a really powerful use. They can walk through forests without penalties, an ability that gives them some movement versatility. They can be used as a defensive unit, support healer, or a scout, in the right circumstance. They are also the only Human unit that has forest walk, so this makes them unique in many ways.

Next up is the primary Human fighting unit, the knight. They are one of my favorite units in the whole game. Very fast, heavily armored, have one of the most powerful charges in the game. They will not fall easily even if focused. They may lack special attacks, like magic, or fire. But they are much more armored and just as fast. Very simple, but an effective unit.

A chaplain mostly serves as support with their skills, but they do have some interesting abilities. One of the most useful ones is the ability to take out enemy enchantments. Leaving enemies much weaker and making your fight much easier. Remove enchantment is much more powerful than it might seem at first, as it can remove some enchantments can are keeping enemies alive.

The final unit I will talk about is the Air Galley, a flying zeppelin with ballista that can transport your units across difficult terrains. It is not the most powerful ultimate unit, but it is not weak. It has a powerful ranged attack, it is flying that makes it very useful. Air Galley has a lot of hit points and can take a lot of punishment, even against dragons. Air Galley has one very interesting skill, it can ram enemy flyers and ground them so that your ground units can attack it. The best thing is that grounded flyer cannot strike back. Using Air Galley can be difficult, but it is still fun when you have a party that can reach anything and everywhere.

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