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Dark Elves are one of the evil races of the world of Age of Wonders. They are bitter and resentful, full of hatred towards primarily Humans, but recently everyone else. They live underground in a sort of matriarchal society that values all of the negative feelings. Slavery is common, as well as assassinations and a constant struggle for more power.

Night Guard is a starting unit for the Dark Elves. They are slow and weak, but they have a polearm and are effective against cavalry charges. Thanks to their longer range they can strike first in combat. Night Guard can be used defensively and for holding a line, or blocking away and protecting more important squishier units.

Warrior is a basic swordsman and they have most of the skills swordsmen of other races have. What makes them different are several unique abilities not available to most of the competing races, such as magic strike, poison protection, and night vision. These skills are available to others, Goblins, Shadow Demons, and Dwarves come to mind, what makes it different for the Warrior is that they possess all of the skills themselves.

Archer has all of the expected skills and is one of the most powerful archers in the game if they manage to hit the enemy. Dark Elven Archers can deal a ton of damage but are known to miss often. They should be used very carefully and in combination with other ranged units.

Executioner is a Dark Elven cavalry. What makes them very dangerous for a fast cavalry is their ability to cave crawl, meaning that they will have no penalties for traveling through caves and underground terrain. Other races that possess this skills all have much slower cavalry units. They also have life stealing, giving them an ability to regain some life after each time they manage to hit an enemy.

Bladedancer is one of the most interesting units Dark Elves have. They are weak, and they cannot take a hit. What they can do is deal a lot of damage, as they have double strike and poison strike. If they can survive a fight and hit all six attacks, they would be able to considerable damage almost anything. Unlike most footslogging units, they are very fast.

Shade may not look very powerful, but they can surprise you if you take a better look at them. Shade has a whole plethora of skills many of which give them a deathly advantage over their enemies. Including magic strike, poison strike, and most importantly physical protection. This is one of the few units in the entire game that has natural physical protection, giving them a huge edge ever most enemies they fight. Like all Dark Elven units, they are still not very tough and really mostly on not getting hit.

Spider Queen is by far the most dangerous unit of the Dark Elves, it is also the primary damage dealer of the army. They are still not as powerful like the Knight or the Warlord, but thanks to their skills they can hold their own. Spider Queens can web enemies, making them helpless for a while. They have a magic strike and poison strike as well to deal additional damage.

Succubus is one of my favorite Dark Elf units. They are flying and have a charm skill. This alone makes them very dangerous, while they are not weak in a fight, they are not very strong and will fall down if faced with a tough opponent without some major advantage. This makes them great in combination with Spider Queens as they can mobilize a tough enemy and leave a Succubus to charm them or finish them off. You should never let your Dark Elves fight fairly.

Incarnate is the ultimate unit for the Dark Elves, as with all of their units, they are very unusual. State wise, Incarnate is one of the weakest, even comparing to the Leprecons. What makes them scary are their skills, especially the ability to possess enemies. While this can be countered by willpower, Incarnate has one more skill that counters even that, Drain will remove willpower and allow them to possess even the most powerful enemies.

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