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Would you bid for a collectible "Blockchain Crypto Moon" Token? ... If so, Please do so! :)


Crazy idea #1,222,019 ... Collectible Blockchain Crypto Moons Tokens !!!

... mixed with more than a decade of economy and game concepts and ideas thrown through a thoughtfull blender. Just wanting to test some things out and thinking something, just something may stick! Could raise funds and build a more proper game. Rather not waste and fail and see what people, being you, really want and would like! So here are some thoughts from the brain mind blender of sorts...

By the way ... the "bitmoon game promo" is available now on OpenSea if interested. Or you may send 80 STEEM or 15 SBD to @thegame with memo containing 'bitmoon game promo' and "your ethereum address"

You may request a "crypto moon" for the day of your choice which is not a "Moon Day" as we are currently thinking to release those later. So for example during the last month of November, the moon phases occurred on the fourth (4th), twelfth (12th), nineteenth (19th), and twenty-sixth (26th). So any other day(s) would be made first available. This would be November first (1st) to the third (3rd), fifth (5th) to the eleventh (11th), thirteenth (13th) to the eighteenth (18th), twentieth (20th) to the twentieth-fifth (25th), and twenty-seventh (27th) to the thirtieth (30th) would be available. Resulting in approximate moon sevenths (7ths) being made first available between the moon quarters.

When a moon is requested the moon would be minted with a set number of moon tokens. Then the first of these tokens would be put up for auction. This would give you a chance at the token along with anyone else who may be interested. This process would find a value based on some level of demand or possible lack there of which would cover costs of moon token operations essentially.

As moon tokens are sold, other moon tokens would be bought back. Or at least offered to be bought back as moon token holders may not want to sell and choose to hold on to their moon tokens.

When a moon token is sold for a particular day the current idea is that at least two things would happen. Since the current moon token is sold it may be replaced with the next one for sale at auction at a higher minimum than what the previous one sold for. The amount received from the sale of the moon token would be offered to some moon token holder in the form of a bid. Ideally this would be to one already for sale at possibly the lowest available price. Unless there is another copy of the moon token that just sold that may be bought back to decrease the supply of that same moon token. Pardon the roughness of these explanations as this is a current idea in though through a mind blender.

Part of the overall idea is to keep costs down to enable some form more a kin to open bartering of natural law of some sort(s) as agreed between coded wallets within freedom of expression.

Therefore currently most any date and coin may be requested as a "Moon Token"!

(sbd ~ 0.684651)
(steem ~ 0.126709)

As a special initial offer we will give you the first token and put the second one up for auction as a thank you for sponsoring the minting of that day and coin's "Moon Token". Thinking this may be a better initial way. So for some amount of bitcoin, ethereum, steem, steem dollar, or other you may get a moon token and release another into the wild!

If you want a Moon Token specify what (non-moon) date and coin of your choice along with your ethereum address with 25 STEEM or 4.5 SBD.

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