My plans on thoughts for Revulsion in January 2018.

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So I have plans to begin working on the second episode on January. I also have plans to add more content to episode 1 as well. The main things I want to add to Episode 1 is a greater variety of special and booster abilities. At the moment I have very few interesting choices that can be made. Its fairly easy and fun to make these kinds of items so its very possible I will have a small patch this or next week to greatly increase the number of possible boosters and specials.

Revulsion - Episode 2 breakdown

Episode 2 takes you on the journey toward the dark tower. This journey will take you into a deeper darker hellish environment. Which means that most of the games items will take on this style as well. There will be new enemy types and even new weapon and ammo types!

Episode 2 is going to feel a lot more like Heretic and Hexen and the zombie enemies will be phased out almost entirely for evil cultists and demon wizards. You will see a greater variety of medieval weaponry and even magic wands and melee weapons. New ammo types will be crossbows and rivet guns that fire metal spikes. We will see new ammo types for magical weapons.

Get ready for some medieval action with magic and corruption. Episode 2 is going to put the game on its ears.

Episode 2 will have 2 at least 2 more boss fights and the new level cap will be 40.

Below is a general list of things that is highly subject to change as I work on the episode. I am very likely to come up with all kinds of neat ideas during the production of this project. I provide this list mostly to give you an idea of the direction things will be going.

Suggestions are highly welcome!

New Weapons

  • Corrupted variations of older episode 1 weapons. (Guns that are covered in bone and flesh)
  • Cross bows (Heavily inspired by the heretic crossbow.)
  • Rivet guns (Giant metal spikes to skewer enemies)
  • Magic wands (Slow moving high damage projectiles) Elemental effects Fire Ice and lightning ect)
  • Magical Staves (More powerful than wands but costs more to use.)
  • Beholder Eye launcher (Homing rocket seethers)
  • Demon heart (Drains the hp of enemies in an AOE)
  • Swords
  • War hammers
  • demon charm

New Special Abilities ( Some of these may just be added in the next patch and wont be exclusive to EP2)

  • Poly Morph (Turns lesser enemies into a harmless chicken for a short time)
  • Bulwark Defensive stationary shield wall that absorbs damage
  • Good Luck charm (Can be used to force a loot bubble to re-roll with a greatly increased rarity bias.)
  • Break Defense (Cause all enemies to take 25% more damage in AOE)
  • Break Weapon (Cause all enemies to do 25% less damage in AOE)
  • Break Accuracy (Cause all enemies to be less accurate in AOE)
  • Phase shift (Become invisible and confuse enemies for a short time)
  • Dark Seed (Instantly trade places with target lesser enemy. Target enemy becomes a living bomb for big damage)
  • Dark tower (Places a totem on the ground that will attack enemies in the area)
  • Helper faerie (Summon this faerie so that she can attack your foes with you)
  • Raise the dead (Temporarily resurrect slain lesser enemies in an AOE around you)

New Jump mods

Jump mods are items that provide you with new movement mechanics. This can be from double jumps to Jet packs. Jump mods will usually be activated when you press jump while already in the air.

  • Double Jump (Jump 2 or 3 times while in the air)
  • Rocket Boots (Big speed boost )
  • Jet Pack (Allow you to fly or hover in the air for a short time)
  • Super Jump (Functionally identical to jump boots in UT4)

New enemy types

  • Cultist Berserker (Big armored dude why wants to bash you with his war hammer)
  • Cultist Wizard (Uses magical weapons, mostly staves)
  • Cultist Marauder (Uses corrupted weaponry, shotguns and rifles)
  • Cultist Bruiser (Fast moving with lots of health and rapid fire as hell.)

This is just the start of my brain storming so far. More to come soon!

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Starts preparing my anus.

I know! Right? Lol

TODO: Add Pink Demon Pounder 😊

15% off in the Steam sales and nothing but positive reviews.
Happy for you :) All the best.

Respect for all of your efforts! :)

I really like the idea for the second one, reminds me of lord of the rings and who doesn't love that :)

Amazing modes and tools to use in this game, this game sounds really interesting. Thanks for sharing this post with detailed points.

Have a great day and stay blessed.

My days were not cutting for a few days,,,But now I'm addicted to these games,,Time has now gone to the twinkling of an eye,,,What a amazing games. . excellent. . thank you so much for sharing @thecastle

I suggest simply posting in your native language. I will take the time to google translate myself.

What if he google translated it for you? Lol.
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