Doom2 - Redemption Of The Slain Full Release and Download

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-=Redemption Of The Slain Full Release=-

This is the first full release of my Doom 2 level, Redemption Of The Slain!

I wont be adding anymore to the level after this point. Although I do plan to do some bug fixing if the need arises. I hope to hear and see what people think of the level. The video below goes into detail on the design philosophy that went into its creation.

And if you just want to see the level in action I included a full play through of Redemption Of The Slain on Ultra Violence difficulty with 100% secrets and under Par time. When you watch me play this level you can get a true feeling that I might have played this level a lot. I am quite sick of it now honestly! lol

note: Currently it does not seem possible to get 100% on monsters right now. The level spawns a massive army and it seems some glitch out and never go toward the kill count properly.

If you decide to play the level through and upload a video I may post a reaction video in response. I find this enjoyable and it may lead to me making changes to the level if you find a bug or something along those lines.

If you can beat this level on Black Metal difficulty without the use of manual saves you are a fucking Doom god. Relying 100% on just the levels built in auto saves makes this map fucking monstrously difficult to beat. And the final battle on Black Metal is absolutely the hardest fucking thing I have played in Doom. Be prepared to fail if you try.

I would seriously get a kick out of actually seeing someone beat this level without the use of manual saves on Black Metal Difficulty.

-=Installation Instructions=-

Make sure to have a copy of the original Doom2.wad. You can get this by buying a copy of Doom 2 on steam. If you dont have this the level wont be playable.

You need a copy of the latest GZDoom found on the link below. Once you have this unpack the files into a GZDoom folder.

Now you need 2 Brutal Doom files. One is the core Brutal Doom20b.pk3 file. Unpack brutalv20b.pk3 into the GZDoom folder.

The second file is for the music. Unpack the DoomMetalVol4 into the GZDoom folder.

And finally a copy of Doom2 Redemption Of The Slain. Unpack all files into the GZDoom folder.

Ok there is one more step to the installation process. The game will crash if you dont fix an error within Brutal Doom. The error is located in a text file called blood.txt found within the Doom20b.pk3. Open up Doom20b.pk3 with a winzip or winrar and copy the blood.txt file included in the ROTS_Version1.rar overwriting the blood.txt within Doom20b.pk3

Run the PlayROTS.bat file to begin playing the game. I use the bat file to give the game proper settings for things like mouse look and wasd movement keys by default. I also toggle a lot of basic settings that I feel work best with the level.

If you chose to play this level without the above setup then its possible you will experience gameplay problems. But it does seem to support other modes of play. I have just not tested those modes as its focused around Brutal Doom20b.



For what it's worth, Brutal Doom 21 is in Beta and fixes the Blood.txt error. Alternatively, the user can just load the following patch wad rather than much with unzipping the PK3:

I've also found a pretty big sequence break in the map which lets you skip the lock-in fight after the library (the room with 6 pillars and skulls you hit to trigger each wave) as well as the subsequent fight in front of the red skull door. I'll be recording and uploading today. (Already posted the blue-key bypass, not sure if you've seen that one yet =P )

Was it by rocket jumping? There is literally nothing I can do to fix the breakage that rocket jumping can cause. Thanks for the feedback ill go over it :D

"SequenceBreak.mp4" is just a single jump.
The blue key bypass is a grenade jump, but given just how powerful grenades are, you can't grenade jump unless you're on a ledge far above the grenade, as is the case in "skipBlueKey.mp4" - an easy fix would be raise the cliff a tiny bit behind the tied up marines so you couldn't jump up there.
Anyway, just trying to help :)

This is excellent feedback! Thanks for finding this. The question is, should I fix it or leave it in for speed runners to figure out?

Heh, that's for you to decide XD
I guess since it's unlikely anyone would casually run into any of these it doesn't "need fixing." One of the joys of doom is "getting to places you (seemingly) aren't supposed to get to" so leaving them in intentionally might be kind of fun, even a reward for one, like a screen message for getting up into the rafters or something. Quake 2 had a similar reward IIRC; in one level towards the end if you rocket jumped behind a cistern it said "you crazy rocket jumpers" or something. The single jump sequence break is already inside of a secret, so could already be considered its own reward. As for general game-play, I'm aiming to do a playtest of this new "version 1." After a quick poke around I'm glad to see there's some more health scattered around (There were times where it felt like the crossing Sahara desert between health packs lol!). I haven't gotten to the new "ending" yet so that'll be virgin when I do the video.

The ending battle is 5-7 minutes of pure carnage, its quite over the top. I did my best to make Hurt me plenty play well for normal players but Ultra violence gets dicey to say the least.

You've been featured on Brutal Doom's Facebook page!

oh awesome! :D

Sadly he linked to an older version of the level. :(

Hi, wonderful map, very well crafted. Really challenging with BrutalDoom.

I want to report a bug. I have a problem in this area (red skull door):


For some reason the next wave of enemies doesn't get triggered (The wave with the Ravenants and Arch-vile). Sometimes they spawn after reloading just before the first wave.


-gzdoom 2.3.2 (32-bit)
-BrutalDoom 20b
-UDV 1.85 (A_BASE, B_MOD_BDv20, C_Visor_Alternate_1)

hmm I wonder what could be causing that.