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Hello steemians come back again with me this sunny day may you all healthy always me @thebreakingnews will discuss game Mobile games or games that present in Moba genre smartphone until early 2018 is still in demand by all circles like Mobile legends, AOV, Vainglory and Heroes evolve which is still a choice among gamers moba hp because the game is fun and exciting. In addition to the four popular moba hp game that there are still other genre moba game one of them Heroes Arena / Arena hero developed by uCool. How to play Heroes Arena is almost the same as Mobile games / other hp games using analog, 5v5 game, set the build items hero and there is a ranking system that will be reset each season. Keep reading down friends there are many interesting things that are discussed about this game

In I will discuss about the game HEROES ARENA is the best global multiplayer the latest online arena game battle and designed specifically for mobile, focused on fair Esports. Enjoy great PVP action and other battle multiplayer modes for you to join as a battle player to climb the ranks to earn awesome glory and prizes! Choose your favorite heroes, team and communicate with your friends for epic partnerships, battle on beautiful maps provided through hordes of maids, monsters and tower guardians to destroy enemy generators and gain victories Download and join HEROES ARENA,

Not long ago I play moba game on Hp / smartphone android before I never play moba game on PC or Computer because my computer spec does not support to play games that have big size. Since I have android smartphone that the specification is pretty good then I try the game moba existing smartphone but not all I try. One that I try is the game moba Heroes Arena if the Indonesian language Arena Heroes approximately 1 million people have downloaded this game in playstore. Game Heroes arena can be played on android smartphone version 0.4.2 and above and iOs developed by uCool as the developer of this game

I've played this game in 2017 just one month to platinum rank, now in january 2018 I try to play this game and my rank has gone down again because there is a system reset rank. Maybe I will share a little experience how to play Heroes Arena that I think is important.

In my opinion, the broad Map view for Battle 5V5 (ranked, or classic), the same as other android moba game there are 3 lanes up, middle and bottom, many monsters to jungling the hero assassin. His small troop was also sadistic. And there is a report system when it is finished bout when there is an Afk or dirty language can be reported.In this game there are two types of currency that is gold and diamonds / diamonds, both can be obtained from prizes complete mission or daily missions. Diamonds can also be purchased with real money, diamonds purchased to buy Hero, Rune, set rune, stance and can be used for upgrades.

Type of Hero

And this game explains the heroes that exist in this game Almost the same with other game moba HP in the game Heroes Arena also presents the types of heroes from Tank, Warrior / Knights, Archer / Shooter, Mage / Witch and Support. Each hero has a unique ability and the difference in the Heroes Arena there are 4 sklill that will open when the game has reached level 4.

Buil Item Hero

Before fighting to prepare buid item / equipment heroes mainstay comrades can be set in "Menu Battle Tap Supplies. Comrades can also change items at will or use recommended build items. Comrades can make three build items for one hero. This is important so that the hero used in the battle is getting better, but do not let it happen if the hero is an expert in physical attacks do not bring magic items, it's better to take items that increase physical attacks.

Set Rune

And this game also has Rune function to improve the basic attack attribute hero like ATK, Magic, Def and others. To install Rune the Rune Set is a container for Rune filling. Set-price Rune 400 Diamond. For example you like hero archer then you create set rune for hero archer, then you input rune on sete slot sete that can increase its attack. So you can create set runes for various heroes and runes can be bought in the store or gift from the crate.

Fraction Inscription / Shard is a fairly rare objects in addition to gold and diamonds. Usually shard in can from daily mission prize. Fraction Inscription / Shard serves as a Rune buying tool. So use the shard wisely to buy runes according to the needs of your favorite heroes.

Maybe that meant the moment is spell Telent if digame moba hp like MLBB or AOV. Effects of the moves in the Heroes Arena is also not much different from the game mobe hp like there are for the jungle, stop the movement of the opponent, run fast and lain.Kalau in the game Heroes Arena is divided into two stages, there are general moves and attacks. When choosing a hero before the match you can bring the moment according to your needs


In the game Heroes Arena there are also diamonds that can be purchased with money or obtained for free when solving a particular mission will get a diamond. Use diamonds wisely like to open "Set Rune" which costs 400 Diamonds per Rune Set.


In addition to regular matches, in the game Heroes Arena also there is a turname. What is meant by the tournament is the 5v5 match to raise the rank / tier from the bronze to the top tier. Each season rank will be reset and we will get the corresponding achievement rank in the previous season. If you just started playing like other android moba games will be given a tutorial how to play this game. In my lay eye view this game is nice with a soft game display. In the game view there is a general menu

Select Hero to Complete the Team Formation

Choosing a Hero is important and fatal if one chooses, try to master at least 1 hero in each role to accompany the team. Do not choose hero who already use the role let alone already in use some team, for example when there are 2 mage then we suggest you do not add mage anymore because it will be a burden for the team especially if two other heroes archer or also support.

Notice the Map

In this game we most must see mapping map.Map made not only pariasi or as decoration only. because with the map you can know your own position and the opponent's position therefore consider always other players also enemy positions because it could be if you are alone suddenly kroyok by many of your enemy.

Destroy the Tower

Moba game adventure is not only focused on defeating enemy heroes alone arena main task is to destroy all the enemy tower, available creep that you can use as an additional force to destroy the enemy tower if you are chasing haro opponent creep that will destroy the tower.

If your teammates have managed to destroy some tower opponent, while the team is able to keep our tower do not be negligent because it could be even upside down situation especially when we get a difficult musuk in defeat but here you are in demand not to give up because with a strong determination it will be easy, and it all comes back to you


In terms of graphics Heroes Arena game includes good quality, good color, detail hero, and lighting on the game. Of course, who plays this game in gadgets that have a high spec or special to play games of course graphical display of this game perfect. Plus you can customize your own normal display type or HD mode.

Battle Mode

In this game there are 3 types of battles like Rank Mode, Team Battle and Battle Royal. If you want to try hero before you buy you can try hero in practice mode until you can really sure want to buy hero you want to use. Rewards For your own reward type you can get max 4 chests that you can get through the fight that you pass, win or lose must be a crate unless your crate slot is full You will not get the casket anymore, and can open the crate every few time specified on each chest you get. The contents of the various hanging Hockey, there are Rune, Kick, Gold, and Diamond


To control this game is quite easy with your fingers. You can control your hero to move forward, backward, left, right through the analog visual on your lower left screen. How to move her hero is also very easy, and on the bottom right there is a visual button to control your hero moves. There are 4 main ulti including ultra tactics said gamer hell

  • Chat The place you chat with the players
  • Hero  Hero Location to see heroes
  • Rune Form a place for a slot or set of runes. Rune itself in the form of items to add stats or attribute hero that can be obtained from the prize / mission or buy it in the store. Rune can be upgraded to high level and rune slots will open when you reach a certain level whereas set rune can be opened by purchasing with diamond / diamond.
  • Kick Like the ability to self-immobilize, weaken the enemy, run fast, increase the attack.opponent hero effect. And these capabilities can be upgraded to the highest level can be obtained from the mission or purchased  with diamods.
  • open Battle There are 3 features Chat chat settings chat capability quickly during the fight emoji emoji settings that will appear during the battle
  • Guild You can join the guild or create your own guild for 100 diamods.
  • Inventory The storage of the items you have gotten.
  • Ranking player ratings, widely used heroes and more from local servers to the world.
  • Stores where to buy heroes and other necessities.
  • Daily Mission the image in the right corner, is a daily mission that you can complete to get gifts, such as exp, gold, diamonds diamonds. Rune.


Heroes Arena or Arena Hero is a game of genre moba hp is quite exciting can be made in a game or a game interlude for fun, in terms of the game is almost the same as other famous moba hp 5 v 5 game, there are ranked system, ranking system, build items , wide map, can create guild. In terms of graphics enough for moba hp games that do not require high hp spec. But there are some things that are not in my opinion, suddenly appear unstable network message, the price of hero is expensive when purchased with diamonds, translate confusing Indonesian language and the most strange VIP writing in the left corner near the profile, if the online RPG game is still me assume reasonable VIP system. If the serious development of developing the game Heroes Arena can be a game moba hp enough in the calculation because this game has been downloaded approximately 5 million in the playstore when I try in januari 2018 less there is a change just add new hero and hero skin only less because there are still bugs which often appear.

The final word

It may be enough until here I convey a lot of information to design games Heroes Arena if there is a mistake in conveying information or errors in writing do not hesitate to comment for writing can fix, thanks friends who have read my review, and I am very thankful to curator-curator wherever you are, greet steemians


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