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source picture is not my account balance

The HDX20 project has been around since October 2018, so about 6 months so far and it looks like it is going to last for a long time. A lot has been happening with HDX20 recently which is best described as an entire token ecosystem. What I mean by this is that the developer is interested in incorporating the HDX20 token into other blockchains or projects.

For example, I have discussed with the developer the possibility of using the HDX20 token and integrating the smart contract code with stablecoins and even the possibility of integrating the HDX20 token with a gold backed cryptocurrency such as DigixDao, etc. Of course, these are just ideas for now. The HDX20 token started on ETH and is now also on Tron. (If anyone is wondering the picture above is not my account this picture was on Coinscribble).

There are now 3 games for HDX20, EtherKnight and Torpedo Launch have been around for several months and Stake Them All just got released about a week ago. In EtherKnight you compete with and against other players by purchasing upgrades and shields for the character you choose and race towards the treasure of ETH or Tron depending on which blockchain you are playing on. The more ETH you put on the character, the more you can win or potentially lose. There is actually a lot of strategy and risk involved in this game and the games usually last somewhere between 12 hours and 4 days depending on how many people play or interact with it.

Torpedo launch is more of a straightforward based skill game with a little bit of strategy involved. You can't move your ship, so you just sit back and wait for the enemy ships to pass into your field of view. Torpedo Launch and Etherknight feel a little bit like idle games because they don't require your full attention. In Torpedo launch you are competing with other players for the highest score in this game. Firing against Nazi ships in this game wins you points, but firing against ally ships and you will lose points.

Stake Them All is the newest game on both Tron and ETH where you compete against other players to stack the most cubes and the highest score will take most of the pot. However, you can decide how much risk you want to take on before you play the game and compete to see if you can successfully stack 4 cubes on top of each other in order to gain a relatively small reward.

The main idea behind HDX20 is building an ecosystem of games to play that will fuel the price appreciation of the HDX20 token depending on which blockchain it is running on.

Please direct your questions towards their Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/22nQNza I am not affiliated with this project in any way, but I have made a small investment into this project. (If you remember the last article I wrote about HDX20, the picture that I used was not my account balance, possibly hard to believe but true).

Last time I wrote about HDX20 I said that the price of HDX20 only goes up in relation to the coin it is based on. So the HDX20 running on ETH will appreciate in relation to ETH for example based on every buy, sell, and transfer of the HDX20 token. This chart comes directly from the HDX20 website. The way that I understand this price appreciation is that there are no dividends for holding the HDX20 token, so every buy/sell or transfer will increase the price of the HDX20 by using what would be the dividends from buy/sell fees in order to buy a small amount of HDX20 tokens that will boost the price. https://hdx20.io/desktop/ These are small price increases of the HDX20 token over time and the growth of this project has slowed down.

Screen shot from HDX20 website HDX20 ETH

HDX20 is not a scam as far as I can be aware and it has a verified smart contract running on ETH. https://etherscan.io/address/0x8942a5995bd168f347f7ec58f25a54a9a064f882#code However, there is still risk in buying into HDX20 as smart contracts are not 100% secure, and I am not a developer so I cannot fully verify the source code. The Tron smart contract is not yet verified because the Tron smart contract verification process is not as accessible to most developers right now. Full disclosure, I currently only have about .3 ETH worth of HDX20 tokens. I also have about 250 TRX invested into the Tron version. I'm not heavily invested at all, but I'm interested in supporting this developer with his future projects.

Again if you have any questions about the credibility of the HDX20 token please direct your questions to their Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/22nQNza Your questions will typically be answered within 12 hours due to the time difference in Japan vs. the States.

This should not be taken as financial advice, there is still risk involved in investing into this project. Please do your own research.

HDX20 ETH: https://hdx20.io/desktop/

HDX20 Tron: https://trx.hdx20.io/

I will be giving away in total 5 Tron HDX20 tokens, one per person just to have people try this for themselves. (worth about 22.34 TRX each for my 5 favorite comments about this project, must be well thought-out comments). If you're interested then comment below with your TRX public address (Don't give away your private address). I know it's not much, but it's something. I have bigger giveaways planned in the future.

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HyperDevBox Studios is one of the first developers to develop tactical games and strategy RPGs seriously for smartphones. They have several tactical RPG titles, including Souls Spectral, Blazing Souls, and Record of Agarest.

In general, the HyperDevBox game is fairly good and the gameplay is also very exciting. One of the unique features in this game is a Chain attack where you can combine your attacks with party members to create an attack that is a harmonious combination and has a big damage.

As usaul this is very useful informations thank you

Thank you for this post. I learn these games from you. I will look them carefully. I learn alot by following you.

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I think this is the best game ever

very fun since the present of this game