PUBG- list of the weapon and the information.

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i think many of us already know this game because this game is very popular, now i will review my favorite weapon in PUBG mobile, MK14 is my favorite weapon.
because the weapon is a type of DMR so it deals high damage to the opponent.


The Mk14 can be a bigger version of SKS - dealing more damage per shot and with more recoil as well.

The most notable difference from the SKS is the ability to switch to automatic fire mode, enabling its wielder to deliver a huge amount of damage for different situations.

Whether it be house-clearing or a surprise contact with another player. The high recoil function for close ranges however

but you cant find it at map, i mean it only get in the airdrop ( flaregun).

while i play party with my friend they dont like it......... if we go to drop and find mk14 in it they not take it and say take the weapon if you want, LOL. you just dont know how sick this weapon.

now the Information


see the hit damage 61, that mean 2 bullet will kill/knock enemy if they dont use HELMET or VEST.
and also its can be change to fullauto mode, can fight agains AKM,m416,SCAR-L,etc.


for more clearful, this show damage while you shot on target bassed on lvl, even you use vest lv3, with 4 bullet u already die :D.

for muzzle


i preper suppresor than compensator because it will reduce sound of weapon and make enemy confuse where the gunfire. and some people say compensator will add recoil control, yeah that right but in PUBG Mobile we already have aim assist , so i think that not give impact if you use compen or not LOL.


this is scope which can be used on mk 14, but for mode full auto i prefer holograpic or RDS.
because spray with x6 x4 is bad, i dont feel confident with that, even if enemy with range 100-400 M just spray with holo, and always work, but if you think other scope is better use that, its only my opinion.

I TAKE THIS VIDEO, FROM YOUTUBE but i dont see they playing mk14 as a main weapon, so maybe next time i will put my own video PLAY MK as assault rifle xD.

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