Games for February 2019 To Look Out For - Gaming Top 5 - Part 91

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Already 2019 is proving to be a much better year for games, so what does February have in store?


After the amazing month of January and even the month before, there have been some remarkable games released, chief among them, Resident Evil 2 Remake. Now as the year moves along, the games being released are already proving to be much better than ever before.

So here are 5 games to look out for in February 2019.

5 – Anno 1800.

PC Only
February 26

  • Fans of the Anno franchise, or even fans of strategy city building games will love this new edition.
    Taking some inspiration from the likes of Frostpunk, Anno has gone from future city building to a more steampunk orientated route, complete with industrialisation of that era.
    Graphics wise has only seen a slight improvement over Blue Bytes previous Anno 2250 game, but there is much more emphasis on the games mechanics and infrastructure, and the new introduction to ''blueprint mode'' which allows you to plan out your city before you have the resources, giving the player more control to micro manage just about every aspect over the gameplay.
    Anno 2250 was an exceptional game, and this is even better (I have had access to the Beta for the past week) and it is an addictive game to play. Hence the reason I have missed a couple of live streams because of this game. I urge anyone who likes strategy game to get hold of this one as soon as it releases later this month.

Image Source/Credit

4 – Dirt Rally 2.9

PC, Xbox One, PS4
February 26

  • Ever since the original Colin McCrea rally games on the PS1 and even Sega Rally on the Dreamcast, Rally games have for the most part been popular among gamers. Now 20 years later the latest edition to the Rally genre, Dirt 2.0 seems to be the pinnacle of racing sims. I don't say this often as most of you know I don't care for racing sims, but I always have a fondness towards rally games and this is no exception.
    The new Forza game is brilliant in its own right, but this game takes it to an all new level. As you race across a stage, the track will wear down and get worse the more cars drive over it, just as it would be in real life. So you may qualify first on a clean track, you will end up racing last over a worn out track that handles much different. I have only seen this mechanic once before in SpinTires, and I thought that was awesome. Now implemented into a racing sim complete with weather and seasons, you can be rest assured that this will increase the immersion tenfold and leave Forza and all other race sims in the …... Dirt. (pun intended)

Image Source/Credit

3 – Anthem

PC, Xbox One, PS4
February 22

  • For fuck sake, EA better leave this game well alone, and have given the dev team enough time to actually produce a polished game. We all know how EA pander to corporate dicks and investors, are more about the cash grabs and filling games with microtransactions than making a game for the gamers. But regardless, Anthem looks like it will shake up the gaming world and bring an all new angle to open world games.
    The game looks excellent and has countless mechanics that will hopefully make the gameplay beyond immersive, there may even be a a brilliant story, there is just that nagging doubt that the same studio who made Mass Effect Andromeda are also behind this game, and then the EA bollocks which could drastically kill this franchise before it even starts.
    Regardless, it looks to be a winner if EA leave well enough alone. We can all hope yes?

Image Source/Credit

2 – FarCry New Dawn

PC, Xbox One, PS4
February 15

  • FarCry 5 was an OK title. Don't get me wrong, the graphics and the gameplay were fucking awesome, but the narrative was something to be admired and a little full of itself. Never the less, if you ended up with the ''End of the world'' ending with everything being nuked, New Dawn is a direct sequel to that ending, and the first direct sequel in the franchise.
    With the disappointment of Fallout 76, fans of post apocalyptic games are in need of something to replace that piece of shit, and this game will do exactly that. Using the same engine, the same map and even animations, we know already that this game will look and play fantastic, it is just a matter of the narrative being up to scratch. With the same team behind Assassins Creed Odyssey, there is a 50/50 chance that they will deliver something epic.

Image Source/Credit

1 – Crackdown 3

PC, Xbox One
February 15

  • OH FUCKING GOD, it is almost here, and I can not fucking wait.
    This game, although it has been anticipated since Crackdown 2, it has seemingly been in development hell for a very long time, and with good reason. Unlike any other game...EVER, this title is taking full advantage of technology that has never been used for gaming before in this manner. Cloud computing is usually used for calculations for scientific research, weather predicting or logistical uses. Now Cloud computing will be used to power this game to something beyond what any console or PC for that matter can do at present.
    The idea is that the entire world inside crackdown 3 can be destroyed. Destructible environments is nothing new, it has just never been done on this scale before. Everything from a coffee cup, a bullet hole in the wall or an entire skyscraper, complete with all the rubble and its contents can be destroyed and left in a pile on the floor, and even that can be blown apart. It is an amazing concept and the first game that appears to have been able to pull this off. AND, in a multiplayer environment no less. I wonder how long it would be before the entire world is just rubble.......?
    The fact that Terry Crews is in the game just makes the game all the more fucking awesome, and I will be playing this as soon as it releases.
    It is not often that Microsoft produce a good game, but I believe this will be their crowning achievement.

Image Source/Credit

This is only a small handful of games that are coming this month but are the ones you should keep an eye on and buy when they release. I will say hold off on Anthem for a week or so and let some reviewers get their hands on it first so we can all make a judgment if EA have destroyed it or not.

What game are you most looking forward too?
Let us know in the comments below.

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