Parsec Frontiers Failed To Meet Crowd Funding Goal, State of the Game, And What Projects Are Still Strong.

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Hello Everyone,

As you read in the title yesterday was a pretty sad day in the crypto gaming space.

Parsec Frontiers was one of my most anticipated games coming to the crypto space. But unfortunately it has failed to reach it's crowdfunding soft cap.

Whats this mean for the game?

Well to put it simply as they said in their Medium article "We have tried and failed to secure the necessary funding for the project, and as such the future of the project is uncertain".

In the coming days they will be refunding the crowd sale purchases, paying out the bounties, ect.

Is this the end of the road for Parsec Frontiers?

Unfortunately I don't know, the future of this project is unclear. As it is today writing this article... Yes the project looks to be a failure.

The DEV team has called for a in person meeting with investors, project partners, advisers, and anyone interested in the project set for sometime in Mid-August. Where the team will discuss the possible options for moving forward.

I find it very unlikely that the project will keep going with its current position and crowd funding tactics. As I stated in a previous article. One of the things that kept me out from investing was the KYC, which for us in the USA means that you have be a accredited investor to have gotten into the crowd sale.

By doing an ICO instead of using a existing token/chain might have been the biggest issue with getting this project off the ground.

I will be following the news as it develops with Parsec Frontiers and I will do a follow up on the project if anything substantial comes out.


My favorite project out there is Crypto Space Commander.

With a totally different funding approach (ETH based and solely selling in-game assets)! CSC is the Juggernaut in the field.

Designed by Lucid Sight CSC is a 2.5d beautifully rendered space MMO. The game play is phenomenal, crafting is extensive, exploring is vast... the game is a all around AAA title.

Here is some Alpha game play. CSC will be holding its alpha this month! With the full launch this year!

Nothing seems to be able to hold Lucid Sight back as they become one of the strongest and most trusted Dapp developers in the game.

Major Projects include:
Crypto Space Commander
MLB Crypto Baseball Officially licensed by the MLB
Cryptic Conjure
LINK And about 11 to 12 other projects already under their belt.

Lucid Sight has the experience and track record to go the distance and get these projects out there. I personally have bought into CSC and I could not recommend any other project more. I have no doubt that CSC will be the biggest most developed blockchain game ever released.

So if you are still reeling from the Parsec Frontiers failure and you are looking for a different more stable project to get into. Crypto Space Commander is the game and Lucid Sight is the DEV team you should be looking at.

If you would like more information on CSC I suggest visiting the website and check out the discord and talk with the dev team directly.


Thank you for reading my post and I hope to see you all out there in the CSC universe.


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