Special Guides #1: Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom

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Ni in Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom has finally arrived and allows us into the skin of Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum, who will have to establish his peaceful and conflict-free kingdom, but this will not be an easy task. That is why we have prepared a useful guide to help you to take full advantage of your epic adventure, whether through the management of your domain or in combats against the monsters that will stand in your way.


Invest in your Kingdom

The first tip is the most important, since the mechanics of building the kingdom in Ni no Kuni is essential for long-term success. After all, it is your kingdom that allows you to improve all the elements of the game, from combats to skirmishes and even cooking, so you can not easily avoid it (nor should you).

The first thing they need to know is that as time goes by, your vaults and warehouses will be stocked, and that means Kingsguilders (the monetary unit they can spend in your kingdom) and items will automatically gain as they go on an adventure. They can improve the capacity of the safes and warehouses later, but it is important to emphasize that they should visit them to empty them frequently, otherwise they will be losing money and progress.

Then we have the three pillars of your kingdom: citizens, facilities and research. Citizens are the most important of all, since through progress in history and minor missions they will recruit more people into your kingdom, each with its own specialty area. The facilities, on the other hand, should be built on empty grounds in exchange for Kingsguilders before being awarded citizens with the right skills.

After all this, they can finally do research on each of the facilities, and this is where things become really interesting, since they can investigate many things that will be useful to you throughout the game, such as spells, weapon development, Higgledies and a lot more. As you advance in each of these areas, your influence will increase, allowing you to expand to create more facilities, conduct further research, and make your kingdom stronger. In fact, it turns out to be a vicious cycle.

The essential thing is to invest your time, resources and Kingsguilders in a wise way and to choose the researches that seem to you the most correct for your style of game. The influence is always great, but it may be more rewarding in the short term to invest in combat-oriented research to gain an edge over the monsters they encounter throughout the world. They will also need to keep your citizens under eye, as they will also level up by gaining XP, which increases their IQ and enables them to conduct more advanced searches. Revisit your kingdom often, keep an eye on its development, and make sure that you emptied your coffers regularly ... oh, and be sure to recruit more citizens.


Tactic Tweaker

In the early hours of the game, you will be introduced to the Tactic Tweaker, which you can access through a game menu. Here, as you can see below, you will be greeted by an intimidating number of adjustable bars and symbols, but do not worry: it's not as complicated as it sounds.

In the upper left section, you can choose which types of enemies you want to defeat more effectively at the expense of others. For example, moving the bar toward the reptiles will make you more effective against enemies of this genre, but less effective against natural enemies, which are at the opposite end of the bar. In the upper right corner, you can set your resistance to a certain type of damage, and it works the same way: they must give priority to one element in each pair.

Below that, you find that funny square in the central area in the background, and here you can give priority to your battle winnings, be it XP, money, rare materials or spoils. Finally, we have the section in the lower right corner, which presents the Arts of War. Here you can invest in certain combat bonuses, either reducing damage by blocking, increasing the duration of invincibility by dodging (this is a good option and we'll talk about it again) or even reduce the time it takes to escape the battles.

All of this is valid, but you will need to earn Battle Points as you advance through the game and then invest in each of these four sections and to be able to customize the bars more and more. For example, we invested all of our Battle Points in the Arts of War section so that we could drastically increase dodge ability and strong melee attacks, but we might have previously focused on making our characters stronger against different types of monsters.

And best of all, you can change this anytime you want, so if you are in an area inhabited by especially ferocious reptilian enemies, you can quickly enter the Tactic Tweaker to increase your effectiveness against these opponents or open the Arts of War to improve the locking ability. It is worth revisiting the Tactic Tweaker to make sure they are always prepared for each situation and invest the Battle Points they earn.


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