New Twitch account and first time today!

in gaming •  2 years ago  (edited)

I had to postpone my stream yesterday and chose to instead try it out today.

Just wanted to mention that you can find the stream by clicking HERE!

The stream will start right now and probably go on for a couple of hours. This is my first time so mostly trying out if everything works now.

Hope everyone had a good weekend :)


Peace out, Strawhat

EDIT: Today I was really excited to start the stream and of course I had to run in to some problems again. The software I used was Nvidia Gefore Experience and it didn't really want to work like I had intended. I am now downloading OBS and am going to set it up ASAP. Will update when I have it up and running.

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The quality looked great consider how much the game requires.
/Jealous :p

Hahaha dude you dont need to be jealous, you just need some good Upgrades :D

BTW @Strawhat you are offline on twitch.

the is great buddy :D

lol that car did a lot of damage.


Hey @strawhat
No more words.....
My dear friend....
Wel done and perfect work...

fantastic the live stream is working my friend and i enjoy watching it.

Well done my friend... Keep going!!

this weekend is very enjoy .. you are 2..,

its offline now haha

Twitch is for sure where it is at!