WOW RAIDING! Hypothermia vs. Felhounds of Sargeras Mythic LEGION

in #gaming5 years ago

Hey, this is my guild "Hypothermia" located on Ravencrest EU-Alliance.

We are a fully norwegian guild, consisting of 30 raiders. My character name is "Stockhausen". I play a human fury warrior.

This is the2nd boss of Antorus the burning Throne. I plan on uploading more kill videos with different PoV's from different players of our roster. This video is of the first boss in the encounter. Our progression is currently 9/11 bosses on mythic.

Check out my character
feel free to contact me ingame if you want to do some raids/or mythic dungeons!

This is the first kill of the boss, done over a month ago, first day of the release of mythic.
All my future uploads will be of first time kills:)

Follow me for future uploads!

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damn Felhounds of Sargeras

Hehe, not the most impressive boss maybe, will upload more later

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