WOW RAIDING! Hypothermia vs. Kil'jaeden Mythic

in #gaming5 years ago

This video is my guild (Hypothermia) first kill of Kil'jaeden on mythic difficulty.

Im a human, fury warrior named Stockhausen, and I play on Ravencrest-EU.
Here you can check out my character:
Feel free to contact me ingame, to talk, raid or go dungeons!

The kill was done in tier20 and it took us about 350 wipes before we finally got him down. So the cheering and joy you can hear in the end, is from an exhausted gang of people. Felt really good to finally get him down.

I'm uploading kill videos with different POV's from the current patch 7.3.5 of WoW. So follow me to see. Our progression in the current raid "Antorus the Burning Throne" is 9/11. Soon to be 10/11 Mythic:)

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Ahh, this brings back memories. I used to play a lot of WoW back in TBC and WOTLK era. I enjoyed PVE raiding, it was very challenging doing ALL that content. SSC, Black Temple, Tempest Keep, Sunwell, Ulduar. Those were some of my absolute favorite raids.

I played in TBC aswell, cleared it all. Raids have become more complex and diverse than it ever was. The game has evolved, and so has the players.

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