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RE: Interesting People #17: Scott Bennie on RPG writing

in #gaming4 years ago

I told you I made a mental note of starting to read your articles, and I decided to start with this one since the author's pedigree was more than enough to pique my interest ;) I enjoyed his answer to that last question, especially. I've been doing most if not all of those thing, except for that last part. It's nigh-impossible to do, especially in the indie game industry where I'm most interested to work in :)


Awesome - I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'll be posting the rest of our conversation soon, which also includes discussing Star Trek The 25th Anniversary with Brian Fargo. :)

I've spoken to a few other writers and designers in my past interviews. Some are much longer than this, but as you can imagine, go into much greater depth as a result.

Cheers, thanks for the feedback!

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