Steem and sbd giveaway #game 62 + announcing winners of #game 61- 2017/10/18

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Welcome to steem and sbd giveaway game 62

Game 61 has concluded special thanks to everybody that took their time and participated, we had another successful game indeed, with 6 winners who won the price of $0.020 steem . "congratulation to all the winners" if you would like to get more statics about the previous game please do checkout my blog for more information and follow for more games in your feed, for now here are the results of game 61 below

"Congratulation to everybody that guessed Bottom"

Definition of Bottom

Bottom (noun) i'm sure everybody is familiar with the word bottom, it means the lowest point or part of something that is distinguished from the top, the under or lower side underside. the lowest point or surface inside something the part of something hollow that is furthest from the top.

Bottom (verb) means to be based, rest. to strike against the bottom or end, reach the bottom of an automotive vehicle to sink vertically, as when bouncing after passing over a bump, so that the suspension reaches the lower limit of its motion

Winners in game 61

Total steem distributed to winners

$0.02 x6 =$0.1200 steem

User Word Price Currency
@krizia Kitten $0.020 steem
@chrismiss Letter $0.020 steem
@normalbro Little $0.020 steem
@truconspiracy Little $0.020 steem
@soccersteem Battle $0.020 steem
@lawrenceho84 Battle $0.020 steem

Top 5 words


How to play?

Leave a comment with the word of your choice based on the selected letters of the word, I hide the first and the last two letters of the word. eg- if the word is STEEMIT i will hide ST and IT, and show EEM in display. All Participants must guess the word from there and stand a chance to win STEEM and SBD. make sure to follow all the rules of the game to qualify for the reward

How i select the word and winners?

  • Step 1: I pick 5 words from oxford dictionary with the same letters
  • Step 2:I write those words down in five small pieces of paper
  • Step 3: I take those words and shake them like playing dice and splits them on the table
  • Step 4: The first word i open in the video is the correct word for the game
  • Step 5: Cheers we have winners for the game

Game Rules and guidelines

  • One try per person
  • Only use English words
  • Game last only for 2 days
  • user must upvotes the post to enter the game. answers without upvote will be automatically disqualified
  • First 5 people to guess the word correctly wins the game
  • The first 5 people to resteem this post with your answer will receive random reward from 0.01 to 0.05 STEEM.
    Reply with "Resteem" with your answer.


Thanks to @son-of-satire for the banner

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