Why Haven't I Seen My Steemit Friends On Paladins!?!?!? Maybe Because They Think I Suck. Well Here's Me Playing With Lian... As You Can See I've Been Improving.

in gaming •  11 months ago

Little Gameplay Of Me Playing As Lian.

I've found she is good at just laying down the damage. A fast moving champion that can just keep laying down firepower if you keep on top of your cool downs.

I like to upgrade Moral Boost all the way due to the fact that if you kill with her Alt attack you gain 50% Alt back. This means you can drop your Alt pretty often.


Steem Easy My Friends!!!

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Hey Man! I'm still playing - hit me up in Discord (pm) when you want to get a match going, I'll gladly join. Also been streaming & posting on my blog - if interested.


Ill check out your blog and pm you next rime i go to play.

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