If You Have Ever Been A Diablo 2 Fan You Must Try This Mod: Median XL 17 (No CD-Key Required)

in gaming •  11 months ago

Diablo 2 : Median XL 17

A Whole New Game

Every character has all new skill trees, enlarged inventory/cube/stash, new map layouts, and new uber levels. I have a hard time finding a game that compares to Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction. Median XL 17 has provided me with this. They host their own online server which is key to Diablo. For the longest time I thought of these mods as second class until recently when my brother @onlyoneman showed me a site to check some out. This one seems to have the biggest following and now I understand why. Diablo 2 started back in 2001 and it has changed my life for better or for worse. It has been the one game that has set my view of RPGs to a high standard. This game is purely for fun although there are some people who still stream this game and still collect a big following. I'll leave some links below where if you so choose you can venture into this world.


Median XL Homepage

Mod Manager

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