Can You Play Games On 2013 Macbook Pro Rentina? While On Linux? (i-5 2.4 iris 5100)

in gaming •  last year

Games Help Me Test Graphic Capabilities

I like to test out games on whatever computer I'm using. I don't really intend to play very many games on this laptop but it does give me a good idea what it is capable of as far as editing and heat issues. Being under linux I did have to install the newest mesa drivers for the igpu and crank up the fan speed just so it wouldn't thermal throttle but in the end it did ok I guess. The Mackbook Pro has an i-5 clocked at 2.4ghz with turbo clock of 2.9ghz. The linux driver allows all 4 cores to peg to the 2.9ghz which is nice. The system also has 8gigs of ram a 250gig ssd and intels iris 5100 igpu.

Had Problems Video Editing But Gaming Showed Me What The Issue Was.

So my main reason for testing some games was that I was having issues editing videos on this Macbook. I figured the 4th gen i-5 and better igpu shouldn't have had a problem slicing up a video really quick. I found the problem was in the drivers themselves. After some fourm searching and some fooling around in terminal this is what I was able to come up with.

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