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RE: 25 Days of Christmas: Day Four

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That's awesome man! Our mom had us set up with all educational video games, though we didn't have tv, movies, or video games for most of my childhood. Math blasters, the Oregon Trail, and Reader Rabbit. Those were my introductions to video games, until we played Call of Duty at a friends house. Then I became an FPS fanatic.

Thanks for participating! I enjoyed your story.


I'm glad that you enjoyed it! And duuuude Reader Rabbit, I remember I played it and it was funny as hell!. I must say that im terrible at shooter games, I usually die before i finish aiming the gun, my favorite kind of game are platform, combat, adventure and RPG games.

Oh yeah, I got so into that game. That and Cluefinders. I used to be quite bad at shooters, but then I started playing Arma 3 and it changed me a lot. The realism was fantastic and I loved sniping. Now, a few hundred hours later, I'm half decent at shooters.

Congrats on winning by the way! Just hit me up on discord or my email and I will shoot you that key. Might have to do it in the morning, since I'm crashing right now. I have a really early student to tutor, so I gotta get some sleep.

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