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Hey fellow Steemians, this is the third entry in my "25 Days of Christmas" giveaway series, in which I will be giving away a Steem Monsters starter pack each day till Christmas! We had one entry yesterday! That was a 100% win chance. You guys will have to up the competition a bit!

Welcome to Steem Monsters!

Steem Monsters is a decentralized trading card game, built on the Steem blockchain. Each card is encoded into the blockchain and serves as a digital asset, which is incredibly secure and cannot be copied. Players use their cards in battles and tournaments and can transfer their cards and gift them or sell them to others.

The Steem blockchain powers the fantastic social media platform Steemit, which you see before you. A free Steemit registration is included in each of the starter packs I am giving away.

How To Enter

To enter this giveaway, simply answer the question at the end of this post in one of the following ways:

  • Comment below this post with your answer
  • Message Jon Warren#0001 on Discord with your answer

I am including the second option so that any readers who may not yet have an account will be able to enter the contest as well. I will randomly select one of the responses to receive the starter pack. Please use this as an opportunity to invite your friends to the Steemit platform and Steem Monsters.

Today's Question

  • Here's a fun one. PC, Console, or Mobile gaming? Why?


Congratulations @gusvzla! You are the recipient of the third Christmas starter pack!
Please contact Jon Warren#0001 on Discord, or [email protected], and I will send you the code to claim your starter pack.

Thank you for participating! Simply comment below or message me on Discord with the answer and I will put your name into the pool of entries that will be randomly drawn in 24 hours.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoy my content, please upvote and leave a comment, and if you'd like to see more, please follow and resteem! I appreciate all the kind words and advice.


PC because I'm old 😂

Haha. I guess that's a solid reason!

Mobile gaming because the portability

Yeah, it's certainly convenient. I grew up on PC/Console games, so I've played a mobile game here and there, but I prefer the level of control you have over things on a PC or console.

PC cuz is more confortable and stable, here i can play almost anything

Absolutely. I built my own PC and have slowly been upgrading it over the past few years.

Definitely PC. I like to see the graphics of the game in big. Excuse me my bad English, I am Hispanic.

No worries, I understood you fine. Yeah, I once found an HD 52 inch television on Craigslist, for $100 and set it up in my room for gaming. It was way too big, but I loved it.

PC because it allows me to enjoy the games and at the same time interact in discord in the different communities of Blockchain bloggers

Yeah, on a PC, you can switch between writing Google doc and playing a game fairly easily. Comes in handy when waiting on someone in a game.

Console because i like to play with the control.

Ah, yeah. The controllers are nice. After I used mouse and keyboard for such a long time, I realized that once I had the commands down, I could be a bit more precise though. However, controllers are nice if you just want to sit down and play a game without any hassle.

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