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Welcome fellow Steemians, this is the seventh entry in my "25 Days of Christmas" giveaway series, in which I will be giving away a Steem Monsters starter pack each day till Christmas! All are welcome to participate. We had three entries yesterday. It's been great getting feedback on the posts and I've enjoyed reading about your gaming interests!

Slight Modification

I liked yesterday's question and had an idea, so I'm going to get a little creative and change things up a bit. I will follow the theme I came up with yesterday and pitch a fictional scenario and you guys make your decisions in the comments to enter the contest. Enjoy!

Welcome to Steem Monsters!

Steem Monsters is a decentralized trading card game, built on the Steem blockchain. Each card is encoded into the blockchain and serves as a digital asset, which is incredibly secure and cannot be copied. Players use their cards in battles and tournaments and can transfer their cards and gift them or sell them to others.

The Steem blockchain powers the fantastic social media platform Steemit, which you see before you. A free Steemit registration is included in each of the starter packs I am giving away.

How To Enter

To enter this giveaway, simply answer the question at the end of this post in one of the following ways:

  • Comment below this post with your answer
  • Message Jon Warren#0001 on Discord with your answer

I am including the second option so that any readers who may not yet have an account will be able to enter the contest as well. I will randomly select one of the responses to receive the starter pack. Please use this as an opportunity to invite your friends to the Steemit platform and Steem Monsters.

Today's Scenario

You read the magic words on the summoning scroll you find in your hands. It bursts into flames and smoke, temporarily blinding you. Your eyes sting as you blink to see your best friend standing in front of you. You are no longer alone.

You both look around in confusion, noticing that you are at a crossroads on a small dirt road beside a forest. You can see smoke in the distance. It appears to be coming from a small wooden building, possibly a tavern. There is also a path leading into the forest, and one that forks away into the hills.

Which path do you take?


Congratulations @niklaus22! You are the recipient of the Sixth Christmas starter pack! Please contact Jon Warren#0001 on Discord, or [email protected], and I will send you the code to claim your starter pack.

Thank you for participating! Simply comment below or message me on Discord with the answer and I will put your name into the pool of entries that will be randomly drawn in 24 hours.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoy my content, please upvote and leave a comment, and if you'd like to see more, please follow and resteem! I appreciate all the kind words, advice, and interesting responses. This has been really fun and I've enjoyed chatting with you guys!


The forest... I watched a lot of mid-evil movies and just movies/series/anime in the specific genre. The forest would be the best place to train and try and learn a bit about the new worlds environment. If I would stay there long enough and build up some fighting exp and outdoor living experience, then it will definitely benefit me in the future...

I like it. Solid strategy.

I'm going to the wooden building. I hope that smoke is because they're cooking something.

Yeah, I would probably head towards the food as well. My compass points straight to fried chicken.

I choose the forest would be near the roads to be informed of what happened, alert of the danger that lurks and can train, have provisions of water and food for the duration of my stay in that place.

Discord @madefrance

Yeah, forests make for great places to forage what you need.

I'd definitely take the path that would take me safely and closer to the tavern, which is where the action is. So probably the path of the forest.

Oh, ok. Seems like a plan.

Taking the forest trail is an excellent option to explore, both my friend and I like that. But this is an unknown world and we've been given the opportunity to find out what's out there. To take the road to the tavern first would be the wisest thing, to know what kind of people live here, what is said about the forest, what is beyond it. We won't even have to ask, in these places people speak for themselves. Then, the funniest thing would come, to explore and see what we find.

Yeah, listening can gain you a lot of information. Also, even if you don't have money to buy anything, you can find out a lot about the world, simply by how people buy and sell things.

I can't tell you how happy this made me, I just got up and this news made me the whole day. I already contacted you by Discord. Thanks a lot, man.

I take the path that leads me to the hill, from there I can see if the wooden building is really a tavern or if it is another type of building on fire for an attack ... from the hill I can see how wide the forest and even where it comes, so I'll know more about the terrain I'm playing in ... this will give me time to let the discomfort of my eyes disappear and I can plan with my friend what will be the best strategy to continue

Yeah, the hill would give a much better vantage point and get you a better overall view. Not a bad idea.

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