Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is such a beautiful game (pics)steemCreated with Sketch.

in gaming •  last year

Is anyone else absolutely obsessed with this game? I bought in on release day, but the first DLC pack including the absolutely insane hard mode was released today and I used this opportunity to take a few screenshots while playing. This is all early game stuff, first hour or so, if you're worried about seeing spoilers.

This game is just stunning to look at. The Switch has pretty low processing power compared to other consoles out right now, but the gorgeous design and great optimization of the game makes up for it.





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I agree it is absolutely amazing. The world is huge. It is so huge sometimes it feels overwhelming. I enjoy just taking my time. The puzzles are great and the bosses are really tough. I think I need to power up a bit, but I like the challenge. I feel like I could be playing this all summer and still not scratch the surface of everything in the game. I love all the details as well. I like the memories as well and finding them. Fantastic game and worth the hype!


I believe I spent around 100 hours with the game and I didn't even do half the shrines!

The bosses weren't all that tough for me except for Thunderblight Ganon with his insanely quick movement speed, but the game itself can be crazy. Especially some of the enemies that are just as strong as bosses and are just...walking around in the world. Have you played Hard Mode yet? It takes the difficulty up to eleven. The very first enemy in the game is almost impossible to defeat without searching for much better weapons first!


The default mode is fine for me right now!