Fallout 76 Completing Challenges

in gaming •  2 months ago 

Achieving Badges.

It has been some time since starting on the Tadpole and Possum badges, one of the latest updates to the Fallout 76 game. The majority of all these challenges are rather complex, but having said that, by focusing on several of them at a time, I have been able to collect enough badges to unlock my extra capacity mod for my backpack.

Moving forwards, there are still a few badges I need to get, but I am close to completing them all and will only need a hand off a team mate to do a couple of the challenges, such as taking a photo of a player wearing a bandanna in a nuked area and reviving a player underwater.

I have to say this has consumed a lot of my gaming hours, but I have to say, it has been worth it.

Thanks for reading.


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