is considering switching to its own Ethereum fork to solve existing network problems

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Despite the rapid development of the blockchain technology there are more and more shortcomings in the current network characteristics, leveling the distinctive advantages for the commercial user. In 2018 we begin to understand: the belief that the real segment isn't ready to merge with cryptocurrencies and blockchain is in practice resolve into unavailability of the technology itself, which needs to be finalized to the level of mass consumption.

Daily in the Ethereum network more than a million transactions are made, outputting the Ether in first place in terms of the operations number on cryptomarket. Nevertheless, the massive use of the Ethereum blockchain makes ineffective the use of decentralized applications based on Ethereum smart contracts as means of payment for a concrete sector, in particular such a large segment as online games.

After the network hard fork in October 2017, it became possible to reduce the commission for making a bet in the SmartRoulette game by a factor of 6, but the recent network difficulties due to a significant increase in the transaction number (partially associated with the Cryptokitties game launch) again led to an increase in transaction processing time and its cost as a result.

Many applications that use Ethereum are losing their operational efficiency. The problem of micropayments and processing speed is critical in such field as online games where the player's interest and company's operating revenue directly depend on the smoothness and speed of the game process on the one hand and the size of the final payment on the other. Users won't wait until the payment is confirmed in the blockchain, in order the game could bring the maximum return, each stage shouldn't take more than 30 seconds.

The game market is specific and at the same time huge, taking up to 60% of all transactions in the Bitcoin network. Therefore, it is logical to use a separate blockchain for deploying a single gaming infrastructure with its own currency for all participants.

What advantages can give a new Ethereum fork for the gaming infrastructure:

  • free transactions for betting, replenishment, withdrawal of funds, purchase of goods;
  • the ability to play for smaller amounts thanks to free micropayments;
  • a faster generation and processing of transactions, which will allow to use the blockchain for gambling with multi bets;
  • free and fast transcontinental payments;
  • support by large exchanges;
  • tools for connecting blockchain game projects, as well as platforms accepting cryptocurrency as means of payment.

In addition, our concept can be used to create a single blockchain of the gaming area, which simplifies the process of legalization and regulation of gaming activities.

How do you think, are the game operators ready for this? We think so.

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