Free game! Mirage: Arcane Warfare and the future of melee first person games.

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This is the sequel of Chivalry Medieval Warfare.
Well sorta.

What is chivalry medieval warfare?

it's a first person melee fighter which debuted in 2012.

No one in recent history tried to perfect the first person melee game.

Chivalry started that trend.

Gameplay Vid

It was made to be super addictive gameplay wise.
You tried so hard to get to the top.
Sometimes you did.

Since then patches have rolled out. With some general gameplay changes.
Some people liked the changes others did not.

Chivalry Deadliest Warrior.

Gameplay Vid

Since then they came out with a game called chivalry deadliest warrior and it has a bunch of historical groups fighting.
A lot of people have said this is a dumbed down version of chivalry with cheap moves because each of the different groups had special abilities.

Hey I enjoyed the game. It was not as well designed as chivalry medieval warfare but I still thought it was a interesting piece.
I wish it was kind of added content to the original game.

I still think it is a clone of

Pirates Vikings and Knights 2

Arcane Mirage Warfare is first person and third person.

This time it has cel shaded graphics instead of the normal realistic graphics.
The style of the game is mixed futuristic mixed arabic and mixed surreal.
Total change of pace from what they did before.

They also made the game I believe 5 v 5

They released a open beta where thousands of people were playing the game.
The game is fun
It seems instead of having an archer they brought in a mage kind of class which you can see here.

Today and tomorrow til 10 am you can download it for free and keep it!

There is quite the problem.
Right now there is not a lot of people playing the game.
This surge of players online right now are from the free day.

Once you download it it is yours forever. Not bad.
It seems like it is a great game.

Now to talk about the future of melee fighting games.

In the future we have two big releases.
Kingdom Come deliverance and

Kingdom Come Deliverance

Game Trailer

This is a single player medieval game set in the Czech republic
This game they want to stay as true as possible to the culture of the past of the area.
The game itself cherishes itself on being realistic as well.
If the sun is down you will not be able to see anything around you.
Npcs have a set path and they have a day to day cycle.
Not many games have had tried to go for this realism in a modern game sense.
It will be a breath of fresh air I think


Trailer/Gameplay Mixed

This game is pretty much chivalry 2
it is a melee first person brawler that has a high skill ceiling and you can crusade around.
What does this game have that chivalry does not?

It looks very promising from the game demos that have been shown to the world.
It is in early access with the open beta going to be released in 2018.

Now the future for this kind of game looks amazing.
I never thought Id see the day that a game like these would ever see the light of day.
I hope the best of success to all of the games here.

PVK source team
Kingdom Come Deliverance

Is it time to be a crusader again?
What do you think. Tell me!

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