EA works in a Star Wars game with single player features

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Attention Star Wars fans, it seems that Electronic Arts continues working on the new title of the galactic franchise, this according to a job offer published by the study located in Vancouver, Canada.

The EA Vancouver vacancy page states that they are looking for an online designer to work on an AAA Star Wars title. As if that were not enough, this new game will also include campaign mode, since one of the requirements of the position is "to work with the creative director, the game director and the main writer to link all the narration and gameplay functions of a player in a coherent experience. "

Being an EA Vancouver vacancy, it's clear that the company is hiring staff for the Star Wars game that Visceral Games was working on. In October 2017, EA closed Visceral and gave the expected Star Wars title to the Vancouver studio. By March of this year, it was announced that EA was working on a new project of the franchise that would be an open world with online features. Now, with this new job application, we can assume that it will also include a campaign or content mode for a player.

The last thing we knew officially by EA is that this project would go through great changes, especially to meet the replay. "We will keep the impressive graphics, the authenticity of the Star Wars universe and we will focus on giving life to a Star Wars story.The most important thing is that we will change the game to be a wider experience that allows more variety, taking advantage of the capabilities of the Frostbite engine and reimagining central elements of the game, "he said.

So, it seems that in the end the company will bet to include a story mode, or some individual narrative elements with the intention of satisfying all players. However, it is clear that this will not change the vision of EA, which seeks to create a game as a service.

We do not know if we will see this new Star Wars game in E3 2018, although there are possibilities for EA to take a look at the title of Respawn Entertainment, which is in development since 2016. We must also remember that EA Motive is looking for staff to work on projects related to Star Wars and Plants vs. Zombies


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