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After some new found interest and delegations in Holybread.

I am currently revisiting the code.
These changes are not yet live but I wanted to give players a heads up so they can plan out their team / strategy before they go live.

I am shooting for 5/1/2021 for them to go live.

combat - there will now be a cap of 30% on all hero & potion abilities. So if your team has 3 Hero's that all do 20% reduce enemy life. It will cap at 30%.
This is something we talked about months ago as making abilities not stack. We could not figure out an easy way to do this in the Holybread code but I did find out an easy fix to cap it at 30%.

You can only purchase potions with BREAD.
I am removing the ability to buy potions with Gold. (also reducing how much gold you get from quests)
As part of this I will also be adjusting what potions do and how much they cost.
If you have any ideas let us know in the comments or in DISCORD.

Delegations -
I will be updating the EARN BREAD page of the website. Currently I am having problems with how the delegation code works. It does not appear to be a quick fix so
I am changing to a system that will reward you with Bread on Mondays.
There will also be a Monday delegation summary post done from the @holybread account for people to monitor.

So on Monday you will earn bread at 1 BREAD per 50HP Delegation to @holybread plus some bonus bread for longer delegations (still working out this math) and bonus bread for 500HP and 1000HP delegations.

Marketplace - we will be going through and delisting items that have been on the marketplace for more than 180 days.
We did this once before to help clean out mispriced items and items from inactive players.

BUY BACK and BURN of Hero's
I purchased a Hero with the @simplegame account from the market and then released the Hero.
This took the HERO off of the Marketplace and removed them from the game.
I plan on doing this once a week.
The number of Hero's will be based on Earnings from my curation and posts.

This is to help create more value in Hero's.

I am going to experiment with building a new webpage and taking some Thunkgaria code and test out the ability to do some Bar Brawls in the Tavern.
If this goes well we will look at opening this up to HE tokens for wagering.

If anyone with JS or Python HE knowledge would like to help out with this let me know.

Also to let everyone know the Holybread Upvote bot is back up 13,000HP.
There has been a renewed interest in the game and I have some time while the Thunkgaria code is being tested so I went through and figured out ways I could improve Holybread.

Currently we are still losing money on monthly Hosting but I feel with a weekly post that can be upvoted along with a growing Upvote bot we can reach break even in the next few weeks.

So if you would like to support us please upvote, donate any tipping HE tokens, follow @holybread for the new weekly summary post and upvote (to support server costs).

Thank you all.

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