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Hey Fellas

Just a small article on a popular blockchain game on Ethereum, Axie Infinity. The game is based on cute collectible pets called Axies and has been on chain since 2018. At first it was just a breeding and collectible game like CryptoKitties, but overtime it has evolved into a PvE/PvP battle game with a strong focus on “Play to Earn” concept. It is one of the few blockchain games with a quality native app available for Windows, Android and iphone. Axie Infinity has partnered with many companies including Samsung, Klaytyn and defi projects like MakerDao, KNC etc. In November 2019, Sky Mavis, the parent company of Axie Infinity raised $1.5M investment from Animoca Brands, as lead investor, and from Hashed, Pangea Blockchain Fund, ConsenSys, and 500 Startups.

Some of the ways players can monetize their time while playing Axie Infinity:

  1. Play PvE and earn SLP (small love potions). SLP is primarily used to breed
    axies and produce new axies, but can also be sold on decentralized
    exchanges like Uniswap to earn ETH. Current rate is 0.04 ETH/1000 SLP.
    But during special breeding events it has gone as high as 0.2 ETH/1000
    SLP. One can easily earn 1000 SLP in 3–5 days.
  2. Play ranked PVP and earn tokens like KNC, DAI etc. based on your ranks in
    the leaderboard. You also get SLP and smaller drops of these tokens for
    every PvP win during ranked season.
  3. Win special tournaments hosted by Axie Infinity team and community members to earn bigger prizes.
  4. Breed axies according to current battle meta and sell them for ETH in the
    marketplace. Quality battle axies can sell for 0.05 ETH to 1 ETH+.
  5. Players with investor mindset can choose to buy Mystic axies and lands for long term profitability.


  1. Website:
  2. Quick Start Guide:
  3. Community website with guides, videos, sales history etc:
  4. Discord: (Must join if you want to make the most out of Axie Infinity)
  5. Twitter:


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